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  • invincen invincen Sep 9, 2008 7:48 PM Flag

    trading at 8 PE and 6 forwad PE


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    • no chit, if I had 20 grand, would split it between WFR and AKNS.

      The manipulation and panic selling is a miracle gift.

      Both presidential candidates, Obama (our last hope for the economy,mainly the middle class and the poor) and McSame, Bush's bitch who has no idea anything is wrong with the economy are both going to be pumping solar in every debate.

      The whole market can keep going to chit for all I care, the solars will start a run to November that will have all the weaklings dreaming they bought a basket of solars at 52 week lowers or lower.

    • And still not a bargain. it will be a bargain afer accumulation has occurred and markup begins. This stock is broken. Calling the bottom is a dangerous game. Wait for higher lows and higher highs to establish before buying this or any stock.


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      • Keep telling your self WFR goes alot lower, maybe 1 or 2 down and 10 up quickly.

        My picks speak for themselves, check my past calls.

        I will see your 20 grand and raise you 20k and place it all in YGE.

        I remember how fast they launch that one when they do.

        Other gifts FCS, VSH (not solars) but make equipment to fix the electricity we use verse what companies and residences are really being charged. Other countries as usual way ahead of us.

        Other solars I like that have been absolutely murdered are as follows

        (and in my opinion the shorts covered most of their shares they were short or 90% or more)

        In order of importance or cheapness YGE AKNS WFR CSUN ESLR ASTI

        LDK AND STP are to be bought at 30 or under. They have not been sold off at all yet if you compare them to the above list.

        SPWR and FSLR need to come down much more.

        Off topic but aapl longs have not gotten hosed in a long while so it is time. RIMM to 60 or 70 would not surprise me.

        For good reason WFR was bid up after hours, remember they always overshoot it at the high and at the low. Try not to get greedy in one solar if you can but instead get a basket. We needed WFR to miss, it seemed like it would never come down for many many months!