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  • horacebello horacebello May 6, 2009 11:22 AM Flag

    Roubini again...

    and at last is a bad notice.
    Reinflating house values?

    Excuse me, I can't explain how today jobs reports is a good one.
    I can't explain why the gold remains over 900.

    Who 'll buy reinflating house values?
    I'm building wright now here, and I'm sure which is the USA cost paying your budgets.

    If they are reinflating for the banks sheet balance like last Quarter > OK. But...
    the jobless 'll remain and etc etc etc...many years going round and round...reinflating...

    My fears are not yours at the moment: and Bernanke said INFLATION yesterday in the same Mr Buffett line.

    Now, discovering IPI and RBY > Mr Darth: minerals should go up and are one of the best protection against inflation

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    • Horace,

      I liked IPI for the Ag play. Ag needs what they've got. Remember, I'm from the Cornhusker state. Do you know where that is? It's like the Pampas. lol. Anyway, IPI will probably get taken out eventually. POT may go American.

      RBY was a technical play. It should tag that high volume high of $2.82/share in the future. Rob McEwen is involved with RBY. He was the guy who built GG. I believe he's also involved with UXG.

      And, as you know, BPO was my mistake. I make many and like Trad, try not to make the same mistakes again and again. Otherwise, President Blasto gets on my arse.


    • "Reinflating house values?"

      i see mortgage rates as low as 3.62%! there is a $8,000.00 tax credit to first time buyers, who are most likely to buy as they don't have a house they have to sell. just reinflating the market is going to bouy housing. then there's all the happy talk about how we are out of it and happy days are right around the corner. all this is backstopping housing. i may even be able to sell my house this year, and head for the hills.