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  • horacebello horacebello May 27, 2009 7:09 AM Flag

    Good morning everyone.

    Seems to retest the 8600 DJIA again.
    I've to work in KRAFT all day mounting an austrian Franz Haas furnace (i understand German as well as the Taiwanese)

    Leaving only basic positions:
    LVS reaching or above $10.5 is a selling price.
    MS above $ 30 selling CALLS in July.

    In the spare time, i'll be learning Mandarin; i'm sure about the future: Taiwan supreme court 'll choose a british borned in Africa to try the argentine economy.
    Everything is by the success of globalization.
    Good luck everybody here!!!

    God bless America.

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    • Horatio,

      Do you watch CNBC? Christina Romer, Councial of dumbarse Economic Advisors, looks like a Pig to me. Plus, she oinks oinks. I'm hungry for bacon. How are the soybeans doing in Argentina?

      President Blasto

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      • Lord Blasto,
        Now 'they' want to paint the rooftops white to combat global climate change...I thought the problem was that greenhouse gasses prevented radiant energy from being reflected into space...The net effect will just be higher paint sales, not lower temperatures...probably more greenhouse gasses will be generated making the paint! Regardless, anyone who has flown in an airplane over civilization knows that about .001% of the landscape consists of rooftops.

      • Latest home Mr President, and 'll continue absent until Friday assembling the Austrian oven. Is a good job..working through the clarity of the numbers. Languages and words can be misunderstood: the numbers don't.
        KRAFT FOODS has 70% of its production and turnover in the USA and its plant in Buenos Aires is the largest outside the U.S. producing cookies.

        Changing the subject: Cristina (Spanish) Romer looks like a Pig as assured our President. But I must give details of the soy production in Argentina because is our major source of income without which, we may go into default again (before the other big pig Cristina -our president- finish his term in 2011?).

        Argentina planted some decades ago the best and unique world wheat genetic variation suitable drought.
        Kelloggs Company acknowledges that a variety of Argentine corn helped to develop their best product.
        Unfortunately, our current wheat, corn, soybeans and above are destroying the earth in our country.
        Argentina -right now- is the great experiment of glyphosate Monsanto and is one of the few countries that allow such poison as fertilizer.
        There are a lot of scientific evidence about that, and everybody knows in America the genetic problems that occures in animals feding grains genetically modified by MONSANTO.
        MONSANTO should be prosecuted and pay for such International intoxication.

        Our president Blasto can be confident that Christina Romer has been the victim not only of a poor diet but chronic clumsiness.
        All our Cristinas are genetically pollutants.

        The board must know something else:
        Argentina produces natural scientists. Argentine universities were on a par with the U.S. until the mid-sixties. Our immigration isn't very different from yours but in USA predominates the british colonies and here from the other Europe.
        Here we've also a privileged Jewish settlements, and also Armenians, Syrians, Lebanese, Germans, Irish, British, of course the most from Italy and Spain.
        During the last decade have begun to arrive the Chinese ...ROGER ROGER APOLLO..HOUSTON>>ROGER ROGER...ARGENTINE soy has a problem...

        We'll continue disordered and poor , but we guaranteed brain for eternity.

        i forgot my FAZ stop loss'm winning 8% Pee Wee...
        i was looking for only 5%...
        what should I do tomorrow?
        ..may not be in front of the screens ...shit...

        god bless you (and a kiss for jack)