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  • horacebello horacebello Jun 4, 2009 12:06 PM Flag

    Pre-Market Darth Observations - 6/4,spy,xlf

    Rogers only confirms the predictions of Schultz using a more sarcasm. But most point to where it hurts and we must pay more attention
    Any doubt about Bernanke knowledge?
    Any doubt about Timothy procedures to help his partners?
    Most of us full of them.

    In First person can say -as a survivor- I have endured, at least twice, 2% daily inflation and not less than 5 compulsory devaluation between 200 / 400%.
    Remembering my first conversation with TRAD here: He knew by a Brazilian friend, which means spending money at the end of the day because he couldn’t buy at the same price the next day.

    When Rogers considers the importance of properties and goods, is a simple mathematical analysis of the situation.
    There isn’t much of them for the amount of money in circulation and the press…and in addition to the currency papers , issued treasury bonds equivalent to almost zero rate like cash.
    What do we have?
    Debts to pay properties or goods without any money, secured loans without guarantees, insurance unsafe and mortgages granted to people who can never pay. As AIG or HIG with the TARP money.
    Don’t wish anyone to endure a single day what we have experienced here.
    Bernanke yesterday

    Someone denies the fall of the Berlin Wall?
    someone can deny the German discipline?
    No one.
    How many of you accept That Germany joins the East Germans without asking for money and sustaining frameworks to prevent emission and inflation?

    Listen to Timothy asking for time and confidence to the Chinese is…uncomfortable but knowing his partners … little to add.
    Instead, listen Mr Bernanke accepting his dissatisfaction with the common good cause panic.

    Some day we’ll know whether some banks were so big to fall or if we were just enough to pay their debt that had artificially generated.

    Mr Bernanke: “I respectfully disagree with your views.” (coinciding with your answer to Mrs Merkel)

    please Mr: stop the presssss$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$