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  • horacebello horacebello Jul 9, 2009 4:24 PM Flag

    Open letter to Our President

    President Blasto (also poet,psychiatrist, etc.)
    In your mind:

    As disowned Minister of Luxembourg ask and seeking your intervention in a dramatic and urgent request; so we may become millionaires all the baord participants.
    Soybeans fall in Chicago and i suggest you must ordered Darth an immediately travel to that city.
    Peewee has to agree for the same reason that most think.
    If the soybean returns below $ 350 because of the oil (competes with the barrel > source of biofuel) the Chinese'll eat well and cheap too.
    With Darth in Chicago we may begin very heavy soybeans betting from now to the most remote in time we meet (2015, 2020, as Buffett does).
    With dear Darth in Chicago we would have the certainty of Persian eyes in one of the most beautiful cities of America;
    (no offense: "dink" the skin of Turkish or Arab women are the best in the world in my view).

    Understand beloved President?
    With Darth in Chicago we could try for a meeting with MJ and ask him for a bit of his savings to bet the futures soybeans.
    i'm sure 'll give us great profits.

    "dink" in Darth for many reasons Dear President.
    I could be wrong and perhaps many angered here.
    But Darth is the right person at the gracious, good English and patience.
    We must be responsible beloved President (i'm talking about 200% or more), and recognize that you summoned some enemies and my Minister condition without the best traslator would worsen the task.


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    • Horatio,

      My cousins in Nebraska planted too much freakin' corn and da DBA went down da tubes, now recovering. Then, da Obaminations are talking about ending speculation as we know it on Oil and other commodities. Pretty soon, Chi- town will be Ghost-town and speculation will move to China under Peewee's eminent domain. Da Commies will have da last laugh. America will have no boom or bust under Obamination. It's called staglation or Jimmy Malaise. Mark my words well if you can tranlate ok.

      President of da Bored, Blasto

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      • sacred President of da Board:

        "dink" i understood everything and the translator doesn't work for me either (Cristina is repairing for me her traslator because nobody understand her even in Spanish).

        Today, Mr Buffett made clear that also reads this board and said:
        "... is possible that unemployment could reach at 11%"..., which is why it might be need a second stimulus package"
        Buffett has said that Americans have suffered "a shock to the system" by the economic difficulties the last quarter of last year, but now have begun to rebound blablabla... "WE AREN'T IN A FREE FALL, BUT NEITHER IN A RECOVERY.." (he copied the same words from here...incredible)
        (in the program Good Morning America on ABC)
        So, going to the numbers...beloved President:
        You say stagflation and the argentines know what it is.

        Obama said: jobless above 10%

        Buffett said : may be 11%

        BAC said: if the jobless climb above 10% our credit cards must be paid by the Chinese or some Martians who believe in our treasury bonds..

        your cousin is recovering but...if stop the speculation on OIL and commodities (i also read that)...i 'll translate as follows:
        Those prices(commodities and OIL)'ll drop much more and the happy Chinese will continue to accrue reserves to support their YUAN and TREASURIES some more time.
        No doubt China is the current partner and the US boss.
        Henry Geithner exchanged low prices hurting EXXON, TEXACO and IOWA / NEBRASKA to help his Wall Street partners.

        The other companies of Mr Market have to fix as they can.

        In fact, China has suspended -ten days ago- purchases of soybeans (poor Brazil and poor Argentina) and in this way we are going to see all stock prices back to support your and Buffett idea.
        Why the Chinese closed the purchase of grains?
        Very simple and easy answer: because they gonna buy cheaper during stagflation.

        dink i'll never use a "reality traslator".


      • my name is peewee. fxi almost double from march low. ms. q not even close to that. china have all money in world nearly or we owed money. we become bankers for world. that just truth. china like ny ny circa 1907. i know i keep saying that but it true. you better learn to speak mandarin, forget spanish or english. my name is peewee. btw in 1000 years you all look like me. law of large numbers.