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  • horacebello horacebello Aug 29, 2009 1:06 PM Flag

    Back at home and reading..

    .. what i couldn't.

    closed higher its futures on September (gains 11%**) and November (gains 3.8%**) during last week.
    U.S. reported : 1,966,300 tons sold (from harvest 2009/2010), and peeweerogers (chinese buyers) bought 1,530,500 tonnes (77.83%).

    **September's strong rise based on low stocks harvest end 2008/2009 ; November reply to the offer 2009/2010. TAKE NOTE OF THE DIFFERENCE IN BOTH FUTURES.

    CORN and WHEAT:
    Contracts for September and December went down > a bit lower.

    (The soybean explanation is the possible early frost in the Midwest U.S. If that doesn't happen in the next 3 WEEKS your harvest could reached the 2007/2008 record (331.18 million tonnes and then...)

    still doesn't appear strong enough to reach the $16 June that would ratify the rise of the market with a greater certainty


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    • Sometimes think is more difficult to write a perfect short story to an excellent longer novel(Mysman agree this view).

      It bothers me as finished reading an excellent large novel knowing the work somebody has taken.
      And a perfect short tale or story may appear at any time.

      agree w/you dear Trad.
      Island in the Stream for Hemingway lovers!


    • Don't have son with me today.After doing morning work I am home too but not reading, feeling lazy and been glued to TV and watching TED from Boston to DC.I will see him passed by senate and buried next to his brothers later today.Don't do this often just something about Kennedys.

    • Horatio,

      I'd like to see DBA (Etf that owns Corn, Wheat, Soybeans and Sugar) test 23.60 again and put in a double bottom. If it busts 23.60 on volume, I'd be a buyer @ 21.41 (1:1 ABC down).

      BTW, go to Fullbardotcom and see if you can sell a similar idea in Argentina. You'll make a mint. You can pay me a commission. Lots of inflated folks in Argentina. No disrespect.


      • 1 Reply to darthrapier
      • I only sell food machinery and add in the price a couple of food specialists educated in Battle Creek (Kellogg) to round out the budget or quotation.

        Would be a very bad salesman of virtual libraries and love seeing the real books when coming into house. They
        helped me a lot to enjoy this life.

        Our greatest writer (Jorge Luis Borges) did in 5 languages with the same ability (can't remember many intellectuals who have written in over 3 languages naturally) and without nationalism for me, is perhaps the highest point of the Castilian language.

        Two JLB phrases for you Master:
        "Imagine the paradise in the form of a library"

        "I, as many men have been, never was one for whom love faint Matilde D'Urbach" (Le regret d'Heraclite).

        H nmK?
        (no more kennedys?)

        Recommend to read a "math perfect tale" from Jorge (George)Luis (Louis) Borges:
        Surely you'll enjoy