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  • horacebello horacebello Aug 31, 2009 8:21 AM Flag

    Back at home and reading..

    I only sell food machinery and add in the price a couple of food specialists educated in Battle Creek (Kellogg) to round out the budget or quotation.

    Would be a very bad salesman of virtual libraries and love seeing the real books when coming into house. They
    helped me a lot to enjoy this life.

    Our greatest writer (Jorge Luis Borges) did in 5 languages with the same ability (can't remember many intellectuals who have written in over 3 languages naturally) and without nationalism for me, is perhaps the highest point of the Castilian language.

    Two JLB phrases for you Master:
    "Imagine the paradise in the form of a library"

    "I, as many men have been, never was one for whom love faint Matilde D'Urbach" (Le regret d'Heraclite).

    H nmK?
    (no more kennedys?)

    Recommend to read a "math perfect tale" from Jorge (George)Luis (Louis) Borges:
    Surely you'll enjoy

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    • Pope John Paul II, born Karol Józef Wojtyła.

      He was fluent in many languages: His native Polish as well as Italian, French, German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Croatian, Ancient Greek and Latin,of which he later used extensively.

      As pope, one of John Paul II's most important roles was to teach people about Christianity. He wrote 14 papal encyclicals.

      “As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live.”

      Pope John Paul II

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      • Fvk,

        I liked that Pope. I thought he was a decent Man. It would be nice if they could get an accomplished, younger Pope in there some day.

        Prophesy though says the next one will be named "Peter the Great". Apparently, the last Pope before the Endtimes. Prophesy is fascinating to me.


      • Just enough to recognize the amount of people, migration and the battles occurring in the center of Europe to understand the need to learn the languages surrounding.
        Poles, Hungarians, and former Yugoslavs are born with a difficult language and unable to expand theirs.
        The Swiss study Italian, German and English by the diversity of its cantons: Federer speaks many languages fluently and is not a great intellectual, but simply a Swiss.

        With Master Darth exchanged our passion for literature and no doubt the intellectual capacity of Pope Wojtyla.
        When we think about Shakespeare (de Vere?) understand the unrivaled talent to reflect the human condition in all directions including the worst miseries of the genre.
        When declare my love for Borges, doing this for the perfect prose of his tales (and poems)and his ability to mix fantasy with history through unsurpassed erudition.

        14 encyclicals are too much for any pope and perhaps few if intended to help improve the condition of Christian families.
        In either case apologize for being a bad Christian who does n't read any ('ve read all of John XXIII).

        As Argentine love the diversity and avoid organically single-issue approaches of any religion.
        Hertzl and Einstein when i like to think the best of Judaism, or read "the 1000 and a night" to love in Arabic as Borges teach.
        Shakespeare for the best passions as Hemingway wrote a fishing day in "the old man and the sea" (don't recommend dear Tradandtrade in these case) or Chandler if somebody here loves him.
        Respectfully accept i'll continue reading in free times everything that touches me.


    • Horatio,

      I regret that I do not know Borges well. I'll look him up.

      Edward de Vere (the true Shakespeare) knew a little Greek, Latin, French, Italian and Spanish. Truly, the greatest writer of all-time and no one knows his true name. A shame. Remember him Horatio!

      Still, I think you could make a mint off of the "FullBar" idea in Argentina. Lots of Falstaffian rotundness to deal with.