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  • iamdeebo831 iamdeebo831 Nov 29, 2012 3:42 PM Flag

    Already exceeded high end guidance for 4Q?!

    85 MW in SoCal
    58 MW in South Africa
    thats 143 MW in signed PA

    Plus theres the 94 MW plant sunedison go the go ahead for in Chile.
    thats 237MW.

    Guidance for 4Q was 90-120 MW sold.

    Now if someone could help me out. My understanding is that WFR counts MW and $$ when they sign a PA or expect it to be signed, at least in terms of non-gaap). So given this, it seems like they've sold at a minimum the 143 from the CA and S Africa sales, and potential another 94 from the Chile project. Destroying the high end of guidance they've given.

    Anyone want to clarify?

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