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  • milkdudski milkdudski Aug 21, 2013 10:41 AM Flag

    Disappointing stock movement

    It is up one cent after their best quarter in their history. I hope they announce a divy in Sept

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • I hope so as well... I have too much money tied up here drawing such a small dividend when SDRL or SFL beats them hands down...

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Why would the share price increase?

      After the best quarter in history we will receive........ less than a penny in a special dividend.

      If they want a higher share price they need to do a reverse split. 10 for one. That leaves then with a $10 share price and a recognizable dividend.

      Also, they indicated on the call that they intend to issue special dividends if conditions warrant each quarter. While I'm personally fine with that - most dividend investors prefer known and constant payouts.

      We are at a "fair" price IMO. If we get the same special payout each quarter going forward we are getting 3.2 cents a year - minus the Norway tax of 25% - leaves you with less than 3 cents. Why pay more than $1 for 3 cents? And yes, next year holds the potential for a higher payout once capital spending slows down - but that would also assume strong pricing for salmon - and as with most commodities - higher prices brings higher supply - brings lower prices!

      Good Quarter - Nice to get almost a penny - share price of $1 looks justified. That's it.

    • Relax and keep eating salmon. Things are fine. Volume on Oslo exchange was huge, operations are going great - even with Chinese petulance over the Nobel Prize award to a dissident, and there will be a dividend of just under $0.01 a share.