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  • love_my_fpd love_my_fpd Nov 27, 2002 1:41 PM Flag

    BLTI being pumped


    I received an unsolicited sample letter from the Dick Davis Digest investment newsletter yesterday and BLTI was the featured stock. The report seems very shallow as if there are no risks. The source of the recommendation is BI Research released on 11/6 matching the spike in volume and jump in price that day. The research is also offered as a free sample on the biresearch web site

    I have a feeling that this stock is being pumped for a dump. The price before the spike was around $5.

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    • I thought that BIR was one of the best and reliable research companies. Any comments?

    • bbbair,
      I was being facetious at the end of my msg# 17960. But my comparision of Biolase to Imclone's valuation was serious. Companies that have the right product & strong growth will perhaps move a little slower than hyped stks will with little or no fundamentals, but the Turtle always beats the Hare across the finish line.

    • Much of what you say supports the idea that BLTI does everything on the up-and-up. Nothing shady is going on with it.

    • No denying that an attack is always in the cards. In the meantime (Hopefully, never), other stocks are rising it seems without much concern of sudden attacks. I believe not participating in buying a stock I believe is solid gets me nowhere and, in the end, counterproductive. Also, I am not about to conceed a victory to those against our way of life. Companies like BLTI deserve to grow and florish is our society and not be held back because of fanatics who seek to destroy our financial system, including our investing mindset to the point that we are afraid to invest.

    • I wouldn't be selling here, we are to close to a breakout, if we can somehow just move 20 cents from here we will have established a new support level, and a potential breakout to the upside, sell if we break 5.44 on a close or wait to 5, don't sell your winnners, good luck to all

    • Wrife:
      Any management that feels it needs a Sam Waksal is so desperate or so devoid of ethics as to be doomed from the get-go. I have not seen a shred of evidence to suggest that BLTI requires anything other than the facts, continued solid marketing, the financial muscle and the will to go after and financially decimate patent infringers.

    • Agree 110% on your comments. BLTI as a company is doing just great so far but we need to keep in mind that it doesn't always translate into
      the stocks price. A great example is Imclone,
      a company that has never made any money other
      than when Bristol Myers bought 20% of the stock. Why did it go to the moon with no earnings while other biotechs went nowhere? In a word "Hype". I'm not saying they don't have a cure but they did have a CEO who was well connected to celebrities & the media and he used it to promote Erbitux's ongoing results & hope for approval for it's FDA approval. So why the comparison? Imclone's mkt cap $1010.96M while Biolase is $118.08M and who has the growth & profits plus more & more FDA approvals? Maybe Dr. Sam Waksal could do PR consulting for Biolase if he can stay out of prison & then we may have a $100 stock instead of single digits.

    • I have to some degree been long for several years on this stock but the stock moves up AND down are dizzying. The trend longterm is clearly up given the rise in market penetration, the death of many of their competitors, and the soon to snowball growth in high margin replaceable tips.

      My only nervousness is that the market could easily drop due to a terrorist attack, poor economic news, an Iraqi war, overheated stock recovery etc. When that happens small cap stocks like BLTI that have been run up usually suffer a disproportionate loss, even if they eventually recover.

      That fact tempts me to pull some off the table to await the pullback. PS lest someone think I am a serial dumper ala inbroke/snake/etc I have always used the same moniker and have always been long on this stock

    • Apology accepted appreciatively. I knew you probably did not mean to offend anyone. The moniker "Dude" always bothers me, though. Much of my reference to the past is just idle wishing, I guess. I'm just sold on the idea behind BLTI and cannot believe others cannot see the great potential out there, which is growing at such an accelerated rate. However, to others the current price for BLTI may be justified. Consideriing it was under four a month ago, the current move to near six is quite a jump. We've all (longs going back years) have seen it before, though, only to watch it fall back. Sooner or later, with all the good news that has come out, I cannot believe that the same thing will continue to happen as in the past.

      As I have said in the past, I have no reason to sell BLTI. There has been insider buying. They are making money. They have received positive press. They are expanding worldwide. The market has turned (at least for now).

      In any case, luck to all.

    • reminds me of the b2b market
      a few years
      is constantly changing,always
      competition,better products
      come along.tough.have to update
      and talks,hype walks.


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