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    • I cannot argue with anyone looking for positive direction. I would rather buy it higher with all the nonsense behind us than go in without a clue.

    • sure you did. you're either a bagholder or a stealth short.



    • companies are totally alike...I didn't say these two are...and as far as my opinion goes...well, its mine and not yours I've said before, I've owned this stock for over two years and will continue to hold it...I've bought more of it in the current trading range for me and my children and believe in BLTI's management in operational and product terms...they just screwed up this secondary, that's all...

    • Thanks catsforeverii,
      Wish everyone gave straight forward replies like u instead overly aggressive , u do not know what i know Types.
      Agree with u regarding the product.Management is the issue.I am going to wait until the Stock shows some positive direction on good volume.Willing to lose a few dollars for sure signs of direction.

    • Comparing STKL to BLTI is like comparing night to day. STKL is a Canadian based environmental/organic food processor/marketer with an engineering/manufacturing arm of processing machinery. It is likely to have gross revenues of about $200M this year with earnings of about $7 or 8M. It has some 45M shares outstanding with 40% insider ownership and institutional ownership of over 35% of the remaining shares. It has only 1.5M shares short of the 26M share float. Just where are the similarities in these two companies? Return on assets and equity for STKL are FAR below those for BLTI and you probably have little or no understanding of the various problems facing the managements of either company. In addition, I feel confident in saying that the players (from an investing standpoint) in these two companies are vastly different groups. Trying to validate the competency of the managements' of either company based upon the secondary offering processes encountered by the two companies is so ludicrous that it defies comprehension.

    • I hope that management is on the level with us. I have no direct evidence (no insider trading, etc.) that they have done anything wrong. Someone did, though. Of that I am sure. The idea of being out of the loop information- wise disturbs me and, I believe, has hurt the stock price. Hopefully, all a temporary condition.

    • Losing you as an investor is unfortunate. The product is that good that it can transcent other events over time. I hope you and others come back to it--even if at a reduced stock holding.

    • Sold 50% a few days back .U must have already bought them. If u were ever a buyer.

    • It is my guess that given the silence about how the money from the offering may be used, that disclosing that information at this time may not be in Biolase's strategic interest. I doubt that they would remain so tight-lipped (especially given the effect this silence had had on the stock price) unless they had some type of long-term plan that might be compromised by releasing their intentions.

      I, too, would like to privvy to the reasons behind the offering, but I am content to trust BLTI's management for the time being. They have not given me cause to question them up to this point. A little short-term pain for what will likely be a nice long-term gain...


    • Why don't you sell already then rangak. you've been a disgruntled stockholder for months. I'll gladly take your shares chump.



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