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  • slickseler slickseler Nov 14, 2003 6:01 PM Flag

    or this Now there are 2 new competors

    Looks like they aer compairing thease lasers...
    1)biolase- waterlase
    2)biolase- lasersmile
    3)Hoya conbio- delight
    4)Ivoclar Vivadent-odyssey*
    5)Lares Research -Powerlase st6**
    6)Millenium dental tech-periolase mvp-7
    7)opusdent-opusduo dual wavelenght laser

    *This Ivoclar vivadent- odyssey is new i have never seen it is shows date introduced to dental market was Oct 2003 and date of usfda clearance was also oct 2003
    **Lares research-powerlase st6 date intoduced to dental market Nov 2003, date of usfda clearance was also nov 2003

    Looks like biolase has 2 brand new competors in the dental market now! Wonder why we havnt herd about thease till now? 2 new fda clearances for 2 different companys in since oct.

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    • Slick, ok, I've been very busy lately but have finally done a little research on your Dental Town post. With all due respect, I don't see that list as being competition to Biolase considering that the Waterlase is what Biolase is really all about.

      Hoya conbio delight is a Er:YAG hard/soft tissue laser. A possible competitor to the Waterlase. But this is the company that hydrokenetices will beat, as I understand it. Amiga, you agree? You post that Conbio revenues are decreasing.

      Ivoclar Vivadent is a diode laser for soft tissue use only. It's been around for a while. This is from a dentist on the Dental Town boad. "Ivoclar makes the Odyssey laser which I have had for 2 months on trial in the office and it works nicely, with a retractable fiber, 5 pounds and very very simple to use. Turn it on, 2 settings, Continous and one Pulsed setting of 10hz with a 50% duty cycle. Some have mentioned to me that sterilization of the fiber may be an issue , so take it for what its worth." So this is not really in compition with the Waterlase.

      The Lares powerlase St6 is a Er:YAG laser for use on soft tissue. Not really in competition with the Waterlase.

      Periolase MVP-7 is a digital laser (meaning they use circuitry to switch between seven different wavelengths I think). It's a soft tissue laser. The PerioLase´┐Ż from Millennium Dental Technologies is the only laser designed especially for LASER PERIODONTAL THERAPY. A powerful 6 watt FR (Free Running) Nd:YAG (Neodymium: Yttrium Aluminum Garnet) laser with the unique features necessary to perform LASER PERIODONTAL THERAPY and all other soft tissue

      These machines may have each their merrits but they're not really competition to the Waterlase.

      There are other lasers not on the list you supplied.

      Again, thanks for you post. Please keep posting whatever info you come across.

      BTW - I'm am rolling the dice. My entire stock portfolio is now BLTI. As Warren Buffet said - "Diversification is for those who don't know what they're doing." This will be me next summer :)

      Slick p.s. You like The Smiths? Me too. Get some music by Luna. Their Penthouse CD is one of the best CD's I've ever heard. Any of their early CD's is great actually.

    • Slick of course I'm interested. I can't imagine the new competitor has much of an immediate impact on Biolase though. FDA clearance is a long way from significant sales. Could be competition down the road so I'll be trying to research it some.

      It's my impression that most of the others have been on the market for quite a while (longer than Biolase). And that they're losing market share. I have no facts to support that though. But the DentalTown forum seems to supprort that. Do you agree?

      Always looking for legitimate dialog... So far you've sounded like a striaght shooter to me so I'm interested in what ever info you can post.

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