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  • go_st_bonaventure go_st_bonaventure Feb 20, 2004 5:39 PM Flag


    Last year you asked about the "wall of worry" concept
    HEre is a good example. Myself, excelerator, caway, and you, are "worried " about the market right now. COntrast 2000 when the taxie driver was talking about how his stock tripled and you had to get in on it. When everyone is outright greedy bulllish, is the time to fret. Yet four of us are concerned about where the market will go. It takes skkeptics, and a healthy dose of reality that stocks may go down any day now, to prove, that we are indeed in a bull market.
    Now we may be right, and the market will turn. But in my readings, even just here, there are far too many people worried about it, looking for it, for it to correct too much, before we go "ok it corrected" and look for values.
    Tha market, if still BULL will have climbed a "wall of worry"

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    • <P.S. The definition for "pompous" I like is its clarifying synonym: "magnificent". >

      do you refer to merriam-webster?

    • If I had a choice I would much rather be ignorant than stupid. Ignorant is fixable.:-)

    • Nothing is wrong! They are very comfortable :).

    • Whether or not the "genius" in your example is in fact ignorant isn't clear. Contrary views are not always wrong, and in fact many geniuses (Einstein, Galileo, etc.) had to overcome incredible scrutiny by large numbers of their peers... Galileo was killed (not by his peers necessarily but you get the picture). Shit, if the definition of correct was majority opinion we'd all be in some major serious trouble. Whether or not the genius' ignorance is "on the mark" has nothing to do with the potentially derogatory nature of the word "ignorant" anyway. Shee.

      Further, what I said is not even really ignorant, disregarding for the moment the issue of the word "ignorant" as a derogatory term. I may not be an expert on the "debate" in question and what the conclusions are, but that doesn't make me ignorant... the debate exists and that's a fact and that's all I was really claiming.

      For you to come along and just go "some other poster was ignorant" without even addressing me directly, is not only rude but you could have chosen not to use an OBVIOUSLY negative term to describe what you perceived to be a lack of knowledge on my part.

      It's funny to see the "QED, moron" at the end of such a strange and inappropriate example. Come on, Mr. Humongous Brain Head, continue to try to convince me that calling someone "ignorant" isn't judgemental or derogatory.

    • side of town and finally get himself a piece of the pie.

    • Hey !! Whats wrong with lumberjack shirts and baseball caps. I am offended now. I will have to change my mental impression of you from a guy walking around wearing a mortar board and a black robe to a Red Green lookalike . I hope you are a genius because that would make me one too as I through my own independent research have determined that this stock will be worth $ 205 a share in thirty-six months and when that happens whether I am a genius or not will be rather immaterial as those debating my IQ will no longer cross my path.

    • OK, Brett I can't resist. Let's take your example further:

      A brilliant self-described genius submits a scientific paper referencing a certain author Z. It so happens there are authors A through Y who differ significantly with author Z. If said genius fails to mention that Z is outnumbered 25 to 1, and purports that Z's work is of equal stature and credibility, then to call that genius ignorant (root word ignore) is not at all off the mark. If the genius gets mad because his narrow and incorrect view of the word ignorant causes him to take offense, then that genius commits an act of stupidity.

      QED, moron.

    • Ohhh...

      Were you a native CA guy or had your company been acquired? The time period you were there was when they had embarked on a serious predatory acquisition tear to acquire revenue at 1X buyouts by acquiring customers, service contracts, cutting costs by axing R&D.

      CA's Unicenter product is a lame competitor that wins business because it's sold by a behemoth.

      Neeless to say, I like California Way better than CA Way.


    • "mr mooney's not heeeeere"

    • LOL, of course I understood it. I just picked it up and ran with it. Besides, I took it as a compliment, which means you are at least partly correct. :) I will wear such a crown, but only when bestowed by someone I respect.

      I went on a few months ago about anonymity, and that's what you're talking about with "real life" humility. If "mostlysilent" were less anonymous, I suspect he, like you in your dissertation reviews, wouldn't have used the word "ignorant".

      You're probably one of the few people here less anonymous than I!

      The good thing is that the shorts have been totally stifled and overwhelmed. Bulls are in control, such that the board has changed to morality debates and things along the line of "Riddick's rules of order". Even pkewl is gagged, or has at least changed his tone to something like a born-again long or something like that.

      P.S. The definition for "pompous" I like is its clarifying synonym: "magnificent".

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