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  • go_st_bonaventure go_st_bonaventure Mar 26, 2004 8:25 AM Flag

    various part 2

    Here's another intersting quote from DENTAL TOWN WEBSITE

    A few comments on recent posts:
    G.., you really have to follow R..'s and my advice on laser assisted perio. It will blow you away.
    I couldn't agree more with R.. on the no-brainer aspect of buying a Waterlase. Even on a soft tissue laser it's a slam dunk. My first laser in 1989 cost $24,500 or $500/month for 5 years. We produced $128,000 in soft tissue laser fees the first year on a $6000 investment and have never done under a $100,000/ year in laser fees- and that was before the Waterlase and crown lengthenings and all the hard tissue stuff. it's all the stuff you are presently ignoring or referring to specialists that make you a ton of money.The economic aspects are huge! As far as I'm concerned one can't afford not to have one. THose coming to my course in April will learn a bunch of stuff you probably never thought to use it for that will line the coffers.
    I also agree with R.. on the Zeza scalers. My hygienists love them. But, what has really made a difference for us is the Perioscope by Dentalview. It's an endoscopic camera that we use down into the pockets to find the 20 or more percent of calculus that is always missed by scaling is really amazing what you find when you can see what you are doing.It has made a hugh difference.
    Again, those Townies coming in April will get to see it and play with it.

    And one more....
    one more quote and I'll let it lie for a while:
    Hi Guys,
    I got the Waterlase in Nov., 2003 and would recommend it to anyone. The ease with which I now do restorative, without anesthesia 90% of the time, makes this machine pay for itself. The referrals are tremendous. Alas, I don't use it for crown and bridge preps, because IMHO it would be too time consuming. Gingivectomies, osseous crown lenthenings, biopsies, treatment of apthous, herpes lesions, gingival recontouring for anterior esthetics, frenectomies, etc. are just the frosting on the cake. I had delivery of another laser, the LaserSmile>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (Diode 810nm) on Thursday. Can't wait to get that sucker out of the box for my hygienists to use, for bleaching and for procedures where I need more hemostasis. Also, I use the Diagnodent to diagnose. Laser crazy, yes, but I'm really enjoying going to the office again after 18 years in practice!!

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>his second Biolase product priced at ~25,000 the Waterlase is 55,000 (17% net margin for Biolase -hehe)

    He's got the erbium AND the diode, hard tissue and soft tissue lasers.
    They are coming to a town near you people!

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