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  • ijustgotstoknow ijustgotstoknow Apr 30, 2004 3:17 PM Flag

    oldbold won't like this...

    But I blame the Bush Administration for the markets.

    We've pissed away the surplus, deficits are now 1/2 trillion a year, Osama still hasn't been caught because we went into Iraq too soon, and that countries a money pit not to mention a mess right now, soldiers are dying, terrorism warnings all over the place, interest rates are going back up because the dollar can't fall forever. Oil is at an all time high from which Cheney and friends profit nicely but inflation rises and the consumer hurts. The consumer is finally feeling the pinch because jobs aren't being created because this administrations' economic policies say it is good to lose jobs overseas because products are cheaper, no matter that these foreigners can't afford to buy our products because we pay dirt cheap wages and they aren't consumers anyway, they're savers.

    And when the market falls, people don't feel so wealthy, and that includes me, you, and the dentists. We might be in a pickle here folks.

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    • What oldbold likes or doesnt like is unimportant in the vast scheme of the universe. Howeve, you obviously were not in the market in 2000 when the market made the big move south. Prior to that Bush and Cheney were warning about a possible recession which they said was the result of the Clinton administration's confiscation of wealth with their huge, retroative tax in cease in 92. Then clinton went after MSFT and that pricked the bubble. Greenspan didn't help much by moving interest rates the way he did and I still wonder to this day if he really understands that price increases as a result of shortages are inflationary long term.
      Fact: Bush inherited a recession and he, with the help of repulicans in congress lowered taxes to help get us back on track. It was working untill, and this is something else you obviously have forgotten in your rush to blame someone other than yourself for your problems, along came 9/11.

      The markets crashed again, airlines were close to going out of business, layoffs all over the place and it was a God awfull mess.

      Bush went after Osama and in the process freed Afganistan and is now working on Iraq. The markets came back, job numbers are growing, sales are up, pricing power is back and I could go on and on.

      But I think most of the members of this board know all this and agree. A few of the Bush haters will dissagree as will those that cant see beyond the end of their noses. So I just wasted my time.

      gotstoknow, I'm underwater, too. I dont blame anyone else for my problems. You might want to take a long hard look at what is really going on instead of taking the easy way out.

      I agree we are at or close to the bottom here and BLTI is a great buy. I could do that but will not. maintaining disciplin is very important in this business.

      Have a good weekend all. I'm changing my recomendation to strong buy from hold.

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      • Under Clinton with balanced budgets interests should have been low. Now, with hugh deficets, the interest rates should be high. Greenspan is in bed with Bush. Bush is horrible for the stock markets. His capitals gains and dividends cuts gave the markets some relief, and the deficet spending did help the gdp. But, to keep interest rates artifically low is unfair to savers. We are being ripped off giving our hard earned cash to deadbeats full of debt so they can buy overpriced no down payment homes at 6 percent.

    • About the only thing you left out was the "extension" of our soldiers to more time in Iraq-at $l,000 extra a month!! For some unknown reason, history starts for you boomers on the day after you were born. The sun moves west, along with technical expertise, manufacturing capacity and market consumption. You just weren't around to blame the Republicans when it arrived in the New World from Europe! Or when it moved to Europe from Asia! And give some thought to how many "civilians" have been murdered here in America since the Iraq war started. Don't spend any time writing about the war; you don't know shit about war.

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