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  • billberggren billberggren May 18, 2004 1:44 PM Flag

    Smells fishy, again.

    Who cares, I could care less about volume or if the stock goes down. They should start a buyback program and start only releasing bad news. Get the stock down to 5, and keep buying.

    You are either a believer in the stock, or you are not. If you are a believe, the best thing that can happen for the stock is for it to drop.

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    • "If you are a believe, the best thing that can happen for the stock is for it to drop."

      That's close to the most ridiculous thing I have heard on this board.
      Well I was a believer in ENRN and lookie! I'm ecstatic.

      Besides a buy back would be the worst thing in the world for this company right now. It would show the market that they did not need the money from the offering in the first place, and that they did not forecast the needs very well at all, and screwed shareholders.

      Putting the money they raised to great use, no that's what should be done.

      If you're new to the stock, thank the Almighty you didn't ride that wave down. If you did, now is the time to buy more or atleast be patient. There is not much more downside to the stock right now.
      THey upped revenue guidance, said in the CC that they would sacfrifice a penny a share earnings to achieve penetration. That's the worst of it.

      • 2 Replies to go_st_bonaventure
      • This guy is never correct!!! He always posts this type of crap!!there is not much more downside to the stock right now. He also posts numbers that are rock solid support for the stock!! Guess what! He has never been correct!!! Gostbonaventure posting this again only means the stock is heading lower!!! I use gostbonaventure and keeperofmajorkey as posters that are fucking idiots and knownothings!!! Go the other way on the trade whatever they say and you will cash in!!!!
        jon jump ship based on my keeperofmajorkey/gostbonaventure index!!! Blti is already lower since gostbonaventure posted that message!!!! A few cents off the low of the day!!! But do as you like i dont listen to anyone!!! But i do have my gostbonaventure/keeperofmajorkey index and it has worked out well!!! Keeperofmajorkey was touting zixi a month or so ago now look at it!!!! fucking idiots!!

      • The goal of a good stock is not revenues, the goal of a good stock is earnings per share. You can try to pump revenues and earnings like most junk stocks, or you can accept 40 percent revenue growth and start taking out the shares. Why have 50-60 percent revenue growth when you can have 40 revenue growth and no increase in shares outstanding. Grow with quality over quantity. I suppose you shop at Walmart.

        There are tons of companies that have 50 percent revenue growth for several years, then boom one year they realize they can't grow anymore. Then they see they have new competitors. Then they see the employees have an addiction on the stock options. Then you have a junk stock. A stock with p/e of 50 with negative earnings growth.

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