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  • mrexcelerator mrexcelerator Jun 26, 2004 11:27 AM Flag

    OT - Farenheit 9/11

    I went to see it last nite in the packed, sold out theatre. Quite a scene, the theatre hasn't been so full since they opened a locally made surfing movie by the son of the guy who made "Endless Summer" in the 60's.

    I thought the film was going to be a documentary and a bit pedantic or boring. It was none of the above. The movie packs an emotional wallop, that's why it won the Cannes and that's why the Bush Administration tried to prevent it from being shown.

    The movie has a great soundtrack and quite a few funny moments as well as some intensely sobering ones. The movie was both graphic and subtle, like the WTC scene where you never see the towers.

    I didn't really learn much new from seeing it and whatever cases were being put forward were generally sketchy and full of inference. For people not really following politics I'm sure some of the story lines and accusations will be food for thought. You could sit back and pick apart the content but the movie is ultimately designed to appeal to your gut and not your mind.

    There is a lot of footage of George Bush (the most startling is the scene in the Florida classroom after Bush was told the second plane had hit and the US was under attack) and a lot of middle America. Moore has his point of view which is by no means East Coast or California liberal. After all the guy endorced Gen Wesley Clark in the primaries.

    I do think you owe it to yourselves to see the film (or rent the video when it comes out). There are a lot of scenes that just carry you into the world of the real life characters on the screen. A movie without a script where everyone is playing themself reaches much further into you than play acting. I'm still feeling the effect the morning after.

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    • I am trying to avoid political posts, but this one is important. Please read threewishjinn's post and click through to the article. It will knock your socks off. <dismounts soapbox>

    • Here is the Florida story.

      Let's see if the link posts.

    • I bet you believe Bush when he says they hate us "because we are free", like we have never done anything to them. If you ignore the problem, it doesn't exist. Right?

    • Then why are we not in Iran, Syria, & the many African countries

      One at a time. As Iraq normalizes there is every reason to believe that the current rullers in Iran will fall. There is a lot of disconcent there. Should Iran change then you can expect the Saudis to take the hint. Things are changing in the middle east rapidly, in historical terms. The problems there may just solve themselves with out much effort on our part.

      As for Africa, good luck. If Rowanda is any kind of an example they are in for at least 3 more generations of disaster. Not sure we can do much to help them.

    • << I, however, believe (no matter how egocentric) that we have some responsibility to oppressed people. THAT is not the ONLY justification (in my mind) for the war>>

      Then why are we not in Iran, Syria, & the many African countries that have slaughtered millions & No Korea? We are in Iraq because we have interests their as Condoleza says we will not nation build unless it benifits U.S. interests.

    • Bullseye!!! Great post true you hit the nail on the head.. Don't you love their insipid replies?

      Todays MSNBC Approval of Bush's war is 60% disapproval.
      Approval in the 40's

      CBS News/New York Times Poll. June 23-27, 2004. N=1,053 adults nationwide. MoE � 3 (total sample).

      "Do you approve or disapprove of the way George W. Bush is handling his job as president?"
      All 3 parties 42% approve
      All 3 parties 51% disaprove &
      7% not sure.
      This is why they are pissed!
      You're point is well taken it's curious that Bush does not mention OBL or Afganistan. And that war is not going that well either. The war that the neocons told Bush & Congress & us all would take weeks now may take decades & be worse than Nam. God I hope I'm wrong. What has this Buffoon got us into? Maybe Bush could ask God the next time he talks to him. I'm curiously waiting for the answer(most likely another lie).

    • Bltiaserecat:
      I agree with all you say but, sadly,your appeal for a rational approach and to cut back on the rhetoric was wasted. I think Mr. X inadvertantly let the cat out of the bag when he said the movie was about emotions not facts. That is our biggest problem. The left deals in emotion as is evidenced by the rhetoric of Wrife and Ijustgot. Very little of what they say is grounded in fact. There is little logic in how they present their version of facts and they ignore facts that do not support their contentions. They distort facts, take statements out of context and pick only that data that supports their bias.

      However, I dont worry about it very much. Anyone who has read history knows that how contentious political and religious battles can be. Nothing has changed and will never change as long as there is imperfect communication and a poor understanding of background data. Add to that the propensity of certain indivuduals to lash out emotionally when they are shown the truth and it gets really nasty. People dont like their sacred cows abused.

      The fact remains that we have found mass graves in Iraq containing over 400,000 men, women and even children. That equates to just over 30 per day for the 30 years that Sadam was in power.

      For years the left has whined about how we support tyrants and that we should do somehing about it. Now that we have they are running scared.

      No sweat. We vote for the lesser of the evils. That's the way it is now and has always been.

      Looks like another day in drifting for our BLTI.

      OH. Death to Mikey Moore (grin)

    • The reason is because 50% of America is "anti-
      America". They would prefer to see America fall. The nice thing about it is that most of these people dwell in large cities, like New York and San Francisco. The two cities most likely to be the site of future large-scale terrorist attacks, which will resolve our problem. Those that survive will be begging and pleading for mercey from the other 50% that were trying to protect them from the beginning and which are now being blamed for America's problems. It happened after 9/11, but they forgot quickly. Next time it won't be so simple for them to forget. Next time they may be turned to dust. Next time they may be disfigured by a plume of "bad smoke". Next time, they should try to remember that there WILL be a next time if we follow their appeasing, self-destructive ways, called liberalism.

      In the mean time, I am patiently waiting!!!

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