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  • billberggren billberggren Oct 17, 2004 7:51 AM Flag

    This election sucks

    You had the choice to elect anyone you wanted to be president. For the democratic side there was Gephart, Lieberman, Edwards, Clark, ..., any one could have been a contender. The voters chose Kerry.

    For the republican side, anyone could have challenged Bush, but noone on the republican side challenged him. Why? Here is the tricky question. Why don't people try to challenge on the incumbent side. 4 years ago Bush had to pass McCain, Forbes, ...

    Third party candidates could have set up a peusdo election several years ago and sent one strong canidate to the run in the democratic primaries, BUT THEY CHOSE NOT TO.

    If you are not organized you die. Kerry and Bush are in the election because they appeal to most voters.

    End of Story!

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    • Bush and Kerry are in it because they won by default. Again, who did we have to choose from that where opposing them? None that I would want, that's for sure.

      The Dems. keep comming up with these pie in the sky tweety birds and the Reps. come up with guy's that are a little to conservative for my blood. As far as I'm concerned, both parties have evolved far beond my comfort zone and I find it worrysome.
      What do you mean by end of story? I understand what happened. Was that your idea of an explanation point or what?

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