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  • robertbr2320 robertbr2320 Jan 15, 2005 1:06 AM Flag

    What to do in Chicago

    Were going to Chicago for a few days just for a change of pace.

    Does anyone have some good ideas for new tourists around there beond visiting the science museum?

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    • Glad you enjoyed it. The movie is great.

      Since I was a kid I have seen missionaries come to our church and report on the work in Kenya, complete with beautiful pictures. It is very beautiful. Most of the missionaries that I know left Kenya because the waring tribes and the destruction of the Nyankunde medical mission. It was a great work. They not only healed the sick but trained the natives in medical treatments.

      A few years ago one tribe slaughtered most of the locals, many of the medical workers and destroyed completely the medical facilities. Pretty sad.


    • We did go to the field museum today and I saw the two lions that were on exibit. Wow, I didn't know they ate 140 people. Now that I know the movie was based on a true story I think we will rent the movie to see it again.

      It's Martin Luther King day as you know, so we wound up waiting in a line that extended outside to get in. Then there was a guy on center stage in there replicating MLK's speach about I have a dream and a chorus behind him singing "We Shall Overcome" so the place was pretty crowded.

      All in All we had a good time. The place is really huge. I took a picture of Sue with her 5 foot head. Man, that thing could have ate a couple people without a burp.

      Funny thing is, I would like to visit Kenya because I hear it's beautiful country. Glad those two lions are no longer there as they may have put a damper on the trip if I do get the chance to go.

    • When are you going? What is your culural interests? You'll find almost anything depending on what you want. Just respond on what you prefer and I can give you some pointers.

    • We spent our 2nd Honeymoon at the Drake courtesy of two rich, young friends of ours who insisted we visit the "big town" and live it up on them. Since then, my idea of economy has been "an inside room at the Drake." Included tickets to the 1962 All-Star Baseball Game-at Wrigley Field. Bullpen catcher(not on the roster) was fellow named Dick Bertell from Iowa State whom I'd met when he came over to try out for our town baseball team. Back then EVERY small town had a baseball team. Many played on two teams at the same time-one game Sunday afternoon and another Sunday evening. Sure, we had TV then(I remember the Bears with Red Grange and George Connor courtesy of Standard Oil) but it was an exception, not an obcession! Ah, talk about the good old days.

    • Yes, my wife has been quite emphatic that we visit the Museum of Science because when she was in school she heard that it was one of the greatest places to go. So that is on our list if I want to live in peace...LOL

    • I agree.

    • Please leave your computer at home.
      This will give us all a nice break from
      your continuous drivel.

    • Thank God you're not in De-Toilet, I mean Detroit!
      Seriously?....ride the El for a couple of hours.

    • Pack your thermal underwear and don't forget the hat, scarf and gloves. It is truly bone chilling here for the next few days and this week is supposed to be a really cold one. The Aquarium and Field Museum are great suggestions. This is really a better city to see in the summer. Then the walking Rush Street at night and Michigan Ave (Magnificent Mile) by day become viable options. And who could miss a Cub game at Wrigley, given the opportunity. You may want to check out the Whole Foods Market on Huron St between Deerborn and State Streets for their wide selection of Noni Juice, as well.

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      • Gemini. Yes no one knows better than us the perils of walking around town in this kind of weather. Heck, we do the same thing here but we have a little cabin fever and not much new for us here. We're going to have a good time in spite of the weather.

        I felt comfortable walking around Manhatan summer before last and want to go back. So after seeing Chicago, we may want to go back there in the summer also. You can take the city boy out of the city, but can't take the city out of the boy I guess...LOL.

        I did check out the Whole Foods Market on the internet. Wow. That place rocks. Man, talk about one stop shopping? I like that thier so meticulous about where they get thier seafood and meat from. That's one thing I pay close attention to when I can. I wish we had a place like that here.

        I would be carfull about drinking various brands of Noni Juice though. I've done tons of research on it and found out there are many unscrupulous companies out there that don't care where they harvest the fruit from or what the potency is after it's bottled. Puckyhorse was talking of a guy that he knows that lives in Hawaii and has a Noni tree in his yard. He said once a year this company comes around and havests the fruit from his tree. Dole Doesn't even Harvest thier Pineapples there anymore because the soil is so lousy. The company that I buy mine from is very meticulous about which fruit they harvest and how it's bottled.

        Thank's for the tips. We may just return in the summer for another 3 or 4 day stay. What the heck it's just accross the lake.

    • Have you been to the Field Museum? It think it is incredible.

      If you have not been there, see the movie "The Ghost and the Darkness" first. When you get to Field you will be able to see the subjects of the movie. This is especially fun if you have kids old enough for a scary movie.


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