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  • bltilasercat bltilasercat Jan 15, 2005 10:14 AM Flag

    A Revisit of MD Evaluation

    Dr. Guerrier mentioned the following:

    � Was I blown away? NO, and will, with my practice stay with the diode soft tissue laser.�

    I am not sure what Dr. Guerrier meant by �blown away.� I assume what he meant was that he was not amazed, or overwhelmed with astonishment. To be honest about it, it took me about 6 months to a year to reach the point of amazement. It took experience. It took time to see how patient responded, how the pulp tissue responded when exposed, how the patients healed after surgery, and many other aspects of post treatment observations. In fact, it took several weeks before I was comfortable that I had made a very wise decision investing in a Waterlase. There is no way to experience even a fraction of the impact of this technology on one�s practice in one day. It is like a neophyte to computers having a full understanding of the power of a laptop to impact his/her life in one day of use. That �beginner� cannot possibly grasp that with a �one day test drive�, so he/she may be inclined to stick with his/her notepad and ink pen.

    I am sure what Dr. Guerrier experienced was the other side of amazement, more like consternation, which is amazement or dismay that hinders or throws into confusion. He likely stared at the Watelase MD with �consternation� and knew not what to do.

    The point is this. What happened to Dr. Guerrier is the most common reaction when a laser is brought into an office for a day or two for a �test drive.� Patients feel guinea pigged, the doctor gets frustrated and feels pressured (even irreversibly �tee peeing� crown preps), and doctors often give up on a machine that could change their professional lives. The worst part (other than subjecting patients to experimentation), as clearly demonstrated by Dr. Guerrier, is that these doctors then go out as some kind of authority and tell their colleagues (or post on a message board) that the Waterlase is not worth having and they will �stay with the diode soft tissue laser.� The truth is these dentists are so uninformed and inexperienced that they could not possibly give a credible assessment. Without training it makes no more sense to give a dentist a laser than it does a 5 year old a BB gun. �You�ll put your eye out kid.�


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