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  • billberggren billberggren Jul 1, 2005 4:57 PM Flag

    Bush is Inflation

    Why are homes, gas, cars, food all going up. Very easy when you run a deficet and go to work drunk, cheat on your wife while in office like most of the morons in congress, all doing this while write checks and contracts and laws to their contributors this is what you get lower taxes and higher deficets to pay for all the handouts.

    In the right hands, taxes create jobs just explain how we got on the moon or made hooverdam or mount rushmore without them.

    Higher the tax more the jobs and growth. IN THE RIGHT HANDS.

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    • I agree. GM has come out with some new cars and SUV's in the past couple years that I would rather wait on.

      Last year I was looking for the battery in my Le'Sabre. I just wanted to know where it was.
      I couldn't find it. I looked for a half hour before I found it inside the car, under the back seat.

    • Hell Robert, with 2000 of these surgeries behind him, i have to say you're a follower, not a leader. 8>) Works out well that way a lot of times. I dislike purchasing the new car first line that comes out after you detroit guys have just re-tooled. Let' em work the kinks out first, i'll buy the 2nd or 3rd year of the line. Safer that way. Maybe that's why we're both still alive. Be good.

    • Riwir, I understand what your saying. When I met him, he first of all explained what had to be done from looking at the X-Rays. Then he explained the traditional surgery that most doctors do today. The fatality rate with the traditional surgery is quite high. The fatality rate is 50% if someting leaks inside after they suture the esophagus back to the sphincter. By moving the stomach up into the chest cavity and making an incision in the side of the neck, then their is no danger of death if something does leak inside before it can heal. He's a likeable but blunt guy. He told me that he has performed over 2,000 of these type of surgeries with a 2% fatality rate. It's a 5 to 6 hour surgery and most of that 2% figure where older people with other serious problems. If someone has upper respiratory or cardio vascular situations before they go in, then they have to make the decision if it's worth the risk to attempt such a tramatic type of surgery.

      Traditionally, they break the ribs in your back and come in from that direction, setting intestines and other things aside as to reach the esophagus. Much more painful, traumatic and dangerous to the patient in my opinion.

      My surgeon would go the traditional way with you if the pionering spirit is to much to overcome....:-)

    • "My thoracic sureon is a pioneer in his field." Lotta leading pioneers and those following them in the wagons got killed by indians Robert. A few of the pioneers in aviation as well, remember those old films with the guy flapping his wings as he jumped off the cliff? I hope for your sake the guy knows for sure where he's going and the right way to get there. Wouldn't want you to end up with some arrows in what's left of your esophagus(lol)

    • billberg, I carefully chose my doctors and surgeons. (Nice to have a choice)

      My family doctor, cardiologist, cardio vascular surgeon, gastroenterolgist and thoracic surgeon would stand up against the best Canada has to offer.

      My thoracic sureon is a pioneer in his field.
      Canadian doctors and doctors around the world would do well to read his papers and publications, and many of them are.

      If you ever find yourself in need of a vascular surgeon or a GI or thoracic surgeon,
      then I will recomend these people to you.
      They don't come any better.

    • billber opines, "In Canada, doctors have to compete and can't overcharge. They have to work harder for the amount of money they make. Bad doctors and nurses can't make it so they come to the U.S. where they can find a few whales and run them around the hospital with specialists and tests."

      LOL, you can't be serious!

      In Canada EVERY doctor of any talent is completely booked as are most doctors or questionable talent. The bad doctor who spends as little time as he can with a patient is rewarded by seeing more patients and therefore billing more for the same 8 hours work. "Good" doctors who spend time with a patient are penalized.

      The "good" doctors come to the US where they are rewarded for being good and the bad doctors remain servicing as many Canadians as the assemble line will allow. Health care does cost marginally less in Canada, but this largely because there is so much less of it given. Transplant patients die on the waiting list saving the country untold medical cost.

      Have you noticed that almost NO US citizens travel to Canada for medical needs, while Buffalo hospitals have about 10% of their beds occupied by Canadians?

      LOL, The Canadian medical system has "better" doctors? What an absurd statement.

    • In Canada, doctors have to compete and can't overcharge. They have to work harder for the amount of money they make. Bad doctors and nurses can't make it so they come to the U.S. where they can find a few whales and run them around the hospital with specialists and tests.

    • Would you like to comment on why married men live longer than single men? Could it be that it just seems like it?

    • I don't think you really live longer in Canada or Cuba. it just seems like it.

    • You might need a little brush-up on your Middle-East history: when England, the country that managed to start the whole Israel thing, disavowed the project and turned its back on the Jews coming in from Europe, it was the US, among others, that had to take up the challenge and guarantee the existence of that nation. Fortunately the "meddling", as you put it, helped save the new European settlers from extinction, provided them a home, and established an enclave of democracy in a land that sorely needed one.
      And wasn't Kosovo just an ethnic street fight?

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