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  • lookingforatenbagger_ot lookingforatenbagger_ot Sep 16, 2005 5:55 PM Flag

    How Dems really take care of people..

    Wrife there haven't been any contracts to "Halliburton, Bechtel, etc." yet. This is why your post is a lie. It assumes future bad acts as if they already happened. This also makes it laughable. BTW, do you think you can contract with Leroy and Jim Bob, to handle a project on this scale?

    From your post can we assume you are opposed to government assitance in the rebuilding of New Orleans? From your post it sounds as if you are opposed because it might help Bush's poll numbers.

    As for "LA's reputation of corruption" I can only remind you that the Democrats have controlled NEw Orleans politics for over 100 years.

    You ask if I, "conveniently omit" the "the discovered ripoffs that were found by the Pentagon that Halliburton pulled in Iraq's rebuilding." I haven't because they turned out to be largely smoke with little substance. It is true Haliburton charged the Army top dollar for it's work in a war zone and there were excesses among it's sub contracts, but the amounts in question when compared to the entire contract were relative small.

    As I wrote last week about teh Gulf Coast, the government moves slowly. One can't expect it to immediately assume responsibility for the welfare of 1/2 million people. When one considers the task at hand, it is amazing that we have done as much as we have.

    Finally your statement, " heard a # today that said what Bush is giving so far amts to abt 200K for ea person living there." is questionable. 2M people times $200K comes to $400,000,000,000. Let's try and be a little more realistic when attempting to spread obviously false information.

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