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  • erude_blti erude_blti Sep 14, 2005 12:09 PM Flag

    How Dems really take care of people..

    Monday, Sept. 12, 2005 11:11 a.m. EDT

    John Kerry's Katrina Aid Arrives Late

    Billionaire Democratic Sen. John Kerry has finally sent his own aid package to hurricane-ravaged New Orleans more than two weeks after the storm hit - and a week after most of the city had been successfully evacuated by the Bush administration.

    Kerry traveled to New Orleans on Monday aboard a UPS Boeing 757 loaded with 5,000 bottles of baby formula, 5,000 pairs of sneakers and an array of cleaning supplies, the Associated Press said.

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    "Everything that any of us can do is so welcome, and it provides just a little bit of help at an extraordinary time," the Massachusetts Democrat told the AP.

    But rather than pay for the aid using his wife's ketchup fortune - which the Los Angeles Times estimated last year at over a billion dollars - Kerry's aid package was donated by Boston's Children's Hospital, the New England Shelter for Homeless Veterans and the New Balance sneaker company.

    UPS donated the plane, the flight crew and fuel, trucks and drivers to transport the goods to Logan International Airport and then to disperse them to Baton Rogue and Lafayette, La.

    It's not clear what, if anything, Sen. Kerry paid for.

    Talk about "white trash"

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    • Do you personally know anyone or even know of anyone in the United States who has ever taken part in a "poll".
      The poll I really favor was the exit poll from the last michael moore movie in which those who were polled viewed it "favorably".The untold millions who stayed away from the movie were never polled.
      Do the best you can with the honesty involved.

    • It's just so predictable

      Bushies look at facts and see them as lies Whsover criticizes them is a liberal.

      Well with Bush's approval at 40%, 60% must be liars and liberals.

    • truniptruck drive writes, "Please give us ALL of the facts about Iraq and weapons of mass destruction."


      1. Prior to the war EVERY major intelligency agency in teh WORLD thought Saddam had them.

      2. Saddam refused to allow open access to his country to prove that he didn't have them.

      3. There is hard proof that Saddam used chemical WMD against Iran and the Kurds.

      4. The corrupt oil for food program was allowing Saddam access to cash with which he was shopping for weapons.

      5. Saddam had had a nuclear weapons program in the 1990s. Although it was disbanned, the equipment to start it up again was moth balled and avaialbe in the country.

      6. The world is safer and better off without Saddam.

      Why bring this up again?

    • So we did the right thing (remove Saddam) and one of the many reasons was in error (WMD).

      This is only a big deal to the Bush bashers.


    • Please give us ALL of the facts about Iraq and weapons of mass destruction.

    • There you go again, printing facts with no political bias to back them up.

    • I can only assume he is bitter about how the country has turned away from his party's culture of dependence, flawed ideals and the myriad of failed policies of the Democratic Party.

      Let's review.

      1. No bid cost plus contracts are the only method available to provide the immediate relief that Wrife and his liberal friends complained the government wasn't providing 24 hours after the hurricane passed.

      2. There are only about a dozen companies in the country that provide the services in the time frames required. Obviously done of these companies are run by liberals, since growth requires risk and deliberative actions, not hand wringing and complaining.

      3. The fact that New Orleans could not survive a Category 5 hurricane has been known for decades. The state and city democratic machnine run governments routinely funneled Corp of Engineers money to pet projects that had nothing to do with protecting the city but a lot to do with enriching their croonies and themselves. Least we forget the previous democratic governor did time for this very reason. Is it any wonder after decades of waste and mismanagment the federal government refused to send more money down the corrupt rat hole that is Louisiana politics?

      4. The major break in the levee occurred in an area that had JUST BEEN RENOVATED. Water poured over through small leaks in the levee and washed out the footings behind the levee. With failing support, the lake pushed a section of the levee out of place and water poured around it washing out sections on either side.

      There is a city run group that is tasked with monitoring these small leaks before the result in breaches of the levee and the domino effect discribed above. These dedicated civil servants were one of the first to leave the city and did not return till well after it was too late. Apparently the Mayor didn't have a plan to monitor the levees. I have written about this before, but Wrife opts to ignore it. I wonder why?

      5. Union membership in Louisiana is less than 10%. Mostly the work these union construction companies do is through their corrupt Democratic machine based croonies on government projects.

      Davis Bacon defines the "prevailing labor rate" to be the published union rates for an area, which is obviously untrue in an area with a 90% non union labor force. The government pays about 20% more than the average wage in the area, which leads to MASSIVE corruption.

      For example, you will work for $15/hour. I hire you for $20/hour under Davis Bacon, but you kick back $3/hour to me under the table. I give the politicians $1.50 per hour to hire my shoody company and everyone is happy. Execpt the tax payer who pays premium prices for shoody work.

      Why does Davis Bacon exist at all? Obviously it is a sweat heart deal that the Democrats passed for their corrupt union buddies decades ago. How much money could have been saved if it never existed. IMHO, the unions are very fearful that it will be repealed with a successful demonstration of just how silly it is in New Orleans and the Gulf.

      Why not discuss the facts instead of mindlessly ranting, Wrife? Could it be the facts are against you? LOL

    • Ahhh, okay now I have you located better. I did live between 12th and 14th, so I was on the other side of 12th. On my block there were no houses. There were all these huge apartment buildings all the way over to 14th on both sides of the street. On my block it was people on top of people and it was a mixture of the good the bad and the ugly that moved into them. The nasty ones influenced the rest of us to a point.

      I was lucky when it came to an altercation with a black over money. One morning in wood shop a black saw my money and said he wanted it after school. I had two freinds that left school with me that were black. They guaranteed that he would be the only one I would have to face. As it turned out, nothing happened in the end. I walked right up to him with a smile. I told him I had no money for him, that I lost it flipin nickels, but my hand was in my back pocket and he knew what was there. I did two things. I gave him an out and a chance to save face by saying I was broke. The other thing was to let him know we could both get hurt bad if he pushed it. After that, noone that knew me asked me for my money. My thought was, why pick on me when there is easier pickins around. Another thing I learned there. They see loosing your cool as a sign of weakness. To look em in the eye with a smile on your face drives em nutz....:-)

      It's a funny thing. You moved out when you were 12 and I moved in when I was 12. I went through the 7th grade and 2 semesters into the 8th grade before we moved out of that hell hole.

    • Rat, name the ones you consider worthless???

      I want to get a shortie perspective on it.

    • Robert, I think Blane was one block east of Gladstone.

      Maybe it was the flies that made those pickles so great. They were a nickel each and were so big it took a half hour to eat them. When I was about 8 or 9, My buddies and I would go into the grocery store (sawdust on the floors) hand the owner our nickel and with totally dirty hands and arms, take one arm, reach way into the barrel, swish around for a while squeezing different pickles for a big one with the right feel, pull it out and with our arms still dripping, start nibble a way as if it was ice cream cone, as we strolled down 12th street.

      You lived near the Astor Theater. 9 cents admission for 2 full length movies.

      "Ivan Boesky, the son of a Russian immigrant who became a top Detroit restaurateur,landing on Wall Street in 1966 as a stock analyst. Boesky start his own arbitrage firm in 1975. By the mid-Eighties, he was worth an estimated $200 million. Boesky's specialty was trading stock in companies targeted for takeover. On November 14, 1986 the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charged Boesky with illegal stock manipulation based on insider information." His fathers 1st delicatessen was on 12th st., a few small blocks away. Just before dark, When I was about 10, a few buddies and I would go up to the deli roof by a back stairway (or it could have been a fire escape) with water balloons in hand and drop them near people as they were walking in. Then run like hell, laughing as hard as we could. For some reason we thought that was the funniest thing in the world. In 1967 I went to work for a Beverly Hills stock broker as a registered rep., they were about the 5th largest at the time. In my case, I left in about 1972 with about a $20,000 net worth. What can I say, It's a small world.

      I lived about 70 feet away from Hutchines and played on their monkey bars when I was six. Baseball, football etc when I was a few years older. I played there almost every day until I moved away when I was about 12 in the 7th grade. So I only attended school there for about 1 semester and that was probably 1954. I never heard of that stabbing in school but I knew I had to spent my whole 20 cent lunch money or hide it in my socks before I left the school. There were 30 guy outside asking mr to lend them a nickel or give them a nickel. Even though they all heard you answer the first guy, they would ask you the same question and you would have to tell 30 guys in a row, you had spent all your money at lunch and pull your front pockets inside out.
      As a paper delivery boy at 11, I had to collect the money from my customers each week, I was lucky I never had any trouble. Didn't carry a knife but I had to learn Ebonics. I got into one fight when I was in about the 4th grade with the smallest black kid in the school. I couldn't kick his ass because if I did I would have to fight 60 other black kids around me. So I made sure the fight ended in a draw. By the time we moved away, I also hated the neighborhood. Except for the last few years we lived there, I've got a lot great memories and stories.

      BTW, in the early fifties, was it reverend Jones that use to wear a mink coat?

      Email me at

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