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  • mississippijohnhurt1 mississippijohnhurt1 Oct 9, 2012 5:00 PM Flag

    Soft Tissue Laser---OLD NEWS!

    My only reply is that I have heard all this before from the company. Potential market size, expanded medical uses, the end of the drill, etc. I don't think a company running out of money, yet again, and with negative earnings, is inexpensive..I agree it's cheap. If Henry S. could not move these products why will direct, and inexperienced, sale people do any better?
    I've seen more than one dentist with a Waterlase gathering dust. I've seen my son experience pain with Waterlase treatment. I've talked to a number of dentists about their plans and not one wants the laser.
    As for the EPIC, BIOL is not the only company selling a soft-tissue laser, I believe. Maybe I'm wrong but at 1/10th the price of the Waterlase there has to be huge volume to be meaningful.
    I am not angry, I am disgusted that this company gets away with "Hopes and Dreams" marketing. It's so OBAMA! I will only change my thinking when I see a significant rise in sales and I don't count the rebound of 2011 as an increase except for it being an improvement over the dismal 2010. You have to go back and read the earnings/sales projections that never materialized and that were always explained away as somebody else's fault.
    I'll settle for a 5 bagger based on reality, if it ever happens at all verses falling for the hype this management continues to perpetuate.

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    • Thanks John,
      I appreciate your candid feedback. Perhaps I am too enthusiastic. I am new to Biolase and it appears to me that the technology is second to none. By the way, I may be wrong, but as I understand it, the soft tissue laser is different than the ones offered by the competition in that it does not heat the tissue appreciably. Again, thank you for your reasoned response.

      Best Regards,


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      • Let me add: Dentists talk to each other plenty and with sales so high in 06,07,08 you'd expect a rush to this new amazing technology....well, it never happened. It doesn't follow the Early Adopter to Later Adopter trends markets like to see with new tech. Something's not right.

      • I could tell you were new. It happens to the best of them. This painless dentistry claim with no tooth damage and a cleaner surface all sounds so logical and wonderful but dentists just don't care. And that's another terrible marketing strategy: make non-believers sound like heartless practitioners. "You're a terrible uncaring dentist if you're not willing to provide the very best care, no matter what the cost". Fact remains you can't use a laser on existing silver filling replacement, the high speed drills are still very good, and the Waterlase is so expensive it doesn't pay for itself. Oh yeah, another marketing gimmick: "With a laser you will get many more patients because people want laser treatment (which the general public IS NOT demanding) and it's so much faster you will be able to treat so many more people. Fact again, dentists are struggling to fill chairs. Ever see that lame banner, "Now accepting new patients!" like the dentist is exclusive? Fact again, most dentists are begging for business.
        Oh, and as for the International market. Ever wonder how these machines are going to be serviced? Yeah, they have an expanded sales network but are real short on service. These high tech machines require skilled service and rapid response. How would you like to be offering laser dentistry as your main draw and then have the machine go down and be at the mercy of some small company out of California?
        Look at the sales numbers, even when Henry Shein was a distributor, there was no huge quarter to quarter surge, there hasn't been a huge surge in sales for over a year when they introduced the new and improved Waterlase, yet management has continued to make it sound like they're ready to explode with growth. Show me that growth and I'll invest.
        It all sounds so wonderful but nothing wonderful, like profits, happens. There always a new batch of hopefuls fooled by the hype and ignorant of the past. I'll be watching.

    • "It's so OBAMA!"

      And you're so BUSHIE, a total loser. But that's no news to anyone who's seen your posts for the past about 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 years. Unfortunately for biol (when did they change the symbol? and why?), on this one you're right.

      Just my semi-annual visit, and i see nothing's changed.

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