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  • mississippijohnhurt1 mississippijohnhurt1 Oct 4, 2012 12:26 PM Flag

    Soft Tissue Laser---OLD NEWS!

    These guys are pros at reviving the same old hope and dreams. I will be stunned when they make a profit. HOPE AND CHANGE! And yo know how that worked out.

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    • My reply to you under a previous message heading is not coming up. So I am pasting my reply to you below. This is in reply to your message to me which said:

      Hi John,
      Why are you so angry? It's OK for us to have different opinions. We will just have to wait and see who is right.
      IMHO it's good that the new EPIC-10 is less expensive than its predecessor. The lower price could mean they sell to more customers. Each customer they add leads to additional sales in the form of warranty, consumables and perhaps the more expensive Waterlase i-Plus platform when the dentists get experience with the less expensive laser product. I think eventually the laser technology will replace the old drill and scalpel. Furry, the CFO, said in his last presentation that every 1% of the world market is an additional $600 million in sales for BIOL. He said that so far they had only penetrated 1.5% of the market. That means that there remains 98.5% of the market for them to go after. I think Pignatelli has the right marketing answers, is increasing his direct sales force and now has the right products with which to address this huge market. That's why I say "the table is set". And I might add the stock is cheap. Give this a little time and we can easily get a 10-bagger. From a technical analysis perspective, last week we had a breakout above the upper line of the uptrend channel. We have had a pullback to touch this upper line and will now kiss it goodbye. I think we have seen the lows for this stock!

      Best Regards,


      PS:If your opinion differs, I am open to hear a reasonable argument.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • My only reply is that I have heard all this before from the company. Potential market size, expanded medical uses, the end of the drill, etc. I don't think a company running out of money, yet again, and with negative earnings, is inexpensive..I agree it's cheap. If Henry S. could not move these products why will direct, and inexperienced, sale people do any better?
        I've seen more than one dentist with a Waterlase gathering dust. I've seen my son experience pain with Waterlase treatment. I've talked to a number of dentists about their plans and not one wants the laser.
        As for the EPIC, BIOL is not the only company selling a soft-tissue laser, I believe. Maybe I'm wrong but at 1/10th the price of the Waterlase there has to be huge volume to be meaningful.
        I am not angry, I am disgusted that this company gets away with "Hopes and Dreams" marketing. It's so OBAMA! I will only change my thinking when I see a significant rise in sales and I don't count the rebound of 2011 as an increase except for it being an improvement over the dismal 2010. You have to go back and read the earnings/sales projections that never materialized and that were always explained away as somebody else's fault.
        I'll settle for a 5 bagger based on reality, if it ever happens at all verses falling for the hype this management continues to perpetuate.

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