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  • panalta2000 panalta2000 Oct 19, 2012 7:03 PM Flag

    Is guidance for Q4 of over $20 MM sales realistic? Comments?


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    • The guidance for Q4 is 16.5 to 17.5 million. This was from the slide Mr Furry (their CFO/COO) put up at the conference yesterday during his presentation. I have no reason to believe this is not realistic. They met their guidance for Q3-12 and I expect them to meet their guidance for Q4-12. According to Mr. Furry's presentation BIOL has made great progress in staffing its sales force and their R&D continues churning out product as evidenced by the two new 501k applications awaiting acceptance/approval by the FDA. IMHO BIOL is hitting on all cylinders and will turn out to be a very nice growth play over the coming years.

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      • How long have you been following Biolase? Long enough to remember when Freddie took over and REDUCED the sales force to save money? So you think the new young cheap guys he has brought can do a better job than the old guys?? Perhaps, for the simple handled, low margin devices that are making up more and more of the volume. Sadly, they HAVE to sell twice as many to recover the same volume they did with the MD.

        My guess is they do sell close 16.5 to 17.5 million per their predictions, but tehy will actually LOSE more actual cash than they did last year.

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    • No it isn't. Freddie is trying to pump the stock on increased volume at teh cost of lower margines. Hence sales dollars are up, but the company loses more money. Soon they'll be out of cash and in violation of their loan agreements. Freddie needs a few more "investors" who are willing to #$%$ away $5 on a penny stock.

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      • Looking your so fundamentally dishonest its not funny but sad cause your going straight to hell. Biol will have a near record quarter with sales around $18m and positive CF. Now I will admit this mgt team has to continue to generate free CF going into 2013 as its greatest challenge. But unit growth of 29% in med device land is becomming exceedingly rare which BIOL achieved in 3q at the cost of lower ASPs. However for the FIRST TIME IN THE COMPANIES HISTORY IT HAS FOUND A PRICE POINT IN WATERLASE PRD LINE WHERE DEMAND IS EXCEEDING SUPPLY. So once the HSIC units get exhausted (and thats prob already occured) they need to have solution for low end so we can continue to see stellar unit demand.

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