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  • mississippijohnhurt1 mississippijohnhurt1 Feb 12, 2013 8:53 PM Flag

    Just for the Newbies


    Here's a proposition to all newbies:
    Talk to a dentist you know and trust. Call dentists in your area or across the nation. Do your homework and ask each of these potential customers this simple question.
    "Dear (Respected Dental Professional), Do you plan to purchase a dental laser in the near future? Why or why not and from who?

    There's your assignment kids. Please report back ASAP. What % of respondents said yes and when? Quantify your HOPE.

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    • I have jsut conducted a 100 dentist survey across the nation and a significantly greater number of dentist have stated that they are seriously considering purchasing a hard tissue laser (40% up from only 20% a year ago) while 60% of respondents stated they will or are seriously considering purchasing soft tissue laser...does that satisfy you clown? This will be born out on EPS call as sales leads have increased signficantly thus visibility. go take your lies someplace else your moraless fool.

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      • Dr. Breakem1

        I did my survey in N.California and 70+ dentist had or have no interest still in laser machine costing $50K??

        I respect you but we differ here on our DD on this one..........

        2013 is only window in which BIOL must find acquirer or face demand hell again in 2014 as economic depression cycle kicks in...........

        I was with a dentist today, he was screaming too much competition , with too many Dental practices and consumers bargaining too cheaply these days.These are real hard facts.

        Disclosure; No position and will never come near it based on my own DD networking home work

    • I asked my dentist, but he is a bad dentist who hates his patients and wants to cause them pain, so he won't be buying a $50,000 laser machine. For me, the issue is simple: companies that declare stock dividends for no reason and announce stock buy-back programs and never buy back stock are run by charlatans. Freddie has been officially in charge for more than two and half years and still no earnings.

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      • Hi liketech1,
        My dentist is in his 70's and is comfortable in his steady business from his current clientele. He is a one chair, no one else in his office dentist who avoids the difficult procedures and is not about to invest further in his business. He does not fit the profile of the Biolase customer.
        The share dividend that BIOL has put in place is only to keep the shorts uneasy. It does not cost BIOL any cash and it does not dilute the long term shareholder. Also note that if they do the 0.5% share dividend every quarter, it amounts to a mere 2% per year of total share growth. It is a win-win for BIOL and the long term shareholder.
        Your last point is that Federico Pignatelli has been back for two and a half years. When he came back two and a half years ago, he came to a near bankrupt company with sales which had shrunk to about $26 million for the year. IMHO he has done a remarkable job of bringing the company back from the brink of bankruptcy having to simultaneously deal with lawsuits while getting out from under the Henry Schein Exclusive distribution agreement, reorganized the sales organization into a direct sales model and increased sales to over $18 million in Q4-2012 (a $72 million yearly run rate). On top of it all, he has set the stage for growth and entry into additional markets through partnering thus avoiding dilution for the long term shareholder. Many CEOs would have sacrificed their left nut to have accomplished all that in so little time.
        I respect the opinion of mississippijohnhurt1 who wants to see consistently growing revenues and profits before he jumps on board and invests in BIOL. I believe mississippijohnhurts1's concerns are valid. On the other hand I do not trust lookingforatenbagger because he puts subtle distortions in his posts and spins the facts. One example is when he lists the yearly revenues of BIOL and does not correctly show that the Henry Schein exclusive distribution deal was from August 2006 to August 2010. Note that sales during that time dropped from $70 million per year in 2006 to about $26 million in 2010. That was the effect of the Henry Schein exclusive distribution agreement which Pignatelli had opposed.
        So taking a cold blooded look at the facts, I think BIOL is now set to grow going forward and with the possibility of partnering for the Oculase business along with the new patents and FDA approvals the stage is set for BIOL to get into additional HUGE markets. This is my opinion and that is why I have invested now (earlier than what mississippijohnhurt1 would do) instead of waiting for more progress. This is what makes a market.

        Best Regards,


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