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  • mississippijohnhurt1 mississippijohnhurt1 Feb 19, 2013 1:56 PM Flag

    PR w/o Products or Profits


    Occulase PR, but no product and in fact it's so promising that BIOL is looking for a partner. Would such a wonderful product be worth developing on BIOL's own?
    Patent PR, but no products. These BIOL lasers are opening a whole new market other medical uses, yet BIOL has not developed a single items to sell, even though BIOL is a tech manufacturer. Surely, they have the expertise to show us some application of these valuable patents.
    All I'm saying is, SHOW ME SOMETHING! And above all, show me that $$$$ can be made on the existing product line.
    OK Longs you are free to attack this skeptic.

    BTW: Never did hear back from my survey request. Nobody posted that they were told by a significant number of dentists that there is mass acceptance on the horizon. In fact, nobody posted at all, EXCEPT the guy that lied about contacting 100 dentists.
    Oh Well....I'm waiting.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • One last thing CFO will be at Lazard next week and CEO in NY for 2 day NY marketing trip with Northland in NY.,,,,so you propoganda to retail will last so long as institutions will decide the stock fate not your drivel propaganda...they are all waiting to see confirmation that 4Q12 results are more than a one qrt fluke and soon you and them will see its not and part of a secular acceleration in laser some real reasearch and stop the immoral posts as your maker will see you soon tied to your lies.....

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      • Very true. Institutions will drive the price. Currently institutions own 23% of the outstanding shares, or around 7M shares. That's about the same they have held through out. The 2/15 short interest report will be intertesting. BTW, I have no illusion that anything anyone writes on a Yahoo stock board will have any effect on the stock price. IMHO, anyo who does needs to back away for the hard stuff.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • And let me just add you and that other clown Look or something just repeatedly post negative garbage despite Freddy as you call him demonstrating he actually has produced a fundamental turnaround. OK so lets put things to a test. WHAT IS YOUR PREDICTION OF 1Q & 2013 REVENUES & CF. Lets compare that mgt guidance to see who is credible or not.

    • Lies up POS immoral two bit retail dope investor?....wait till guidance gets issued to discredit every thi g u havewritten....go ask every insider to confirm my findings including pdco and siro on . Laser adoption

    • i_gotta_have_more_cowbell i_gotta_have_more_cowbell Feb 19, 2013 2:21 PM Flag

      Dental use is so yesterday's news, and if you can't see the purpose or value in strategic parnterships to add instant market share / access, or reduce costs to "piggyback" existing channels, then the answers are likely beyond your grasp. Vertical integration isn't the right answer for every situation; sometimes it's more profitable for you to focus on what you do best, and hire others to do what they do best.

      BIOL could be looking at 100% of net profits by doing it all themselves and entering the medical arena as a competitor, or...they could have an arbitrary figure of 50% of net profits from reduced startup costs of entering said new medical arena, as a partner to existing channels. What is greater 100% of ten bucks, of 50% of thousand bucks? Not to mention you're totally dismissing the value of intellectual property. I'll be very interested in what the March 6th CC has to say about all of this.

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      • I'm afraid your analysis starts with a false premise, who says there are any applications for the "new" (really 10 year old revampped) technology and patents? The question should be, "Is it better to go out on your own an absorb the loses alone or partner with a larger player who will absorb the company for 5 cents on the current dollar if the venture fails?"

        I suspect Freddie will bail the next time he can push the stock up over $7 like last time, claiming other commitments or ill health or something. He will have made a nice little profit on his coup and won't have to walk the tight rope anymore.

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