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  • mississippijohnhurt1 mississippijohnhurt1 Feb 28, 2013 9:06 AM Flag

    Thanks Singhlion!!


    You have shown that BIOL is not without competition in it's laser applications. I would think that the concept of soft-tissue laser surgery, be it for human mouths or bellies and puppies or kitties, is a procedure easily performed by the Dental Photonics' device. The major advantage with laser being, a clean light-generated cut verses a bloody knife dragged across the tissue.
    Not bashing, just saying BIOL is not alone!

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    • Hi John,
      Is it a surprise to you that there are other laser product manufacturers? My take is that of course there is competition. However, BIOL is BY FAR the biggest player in the market with a 45% share of the Total Dental Laser Market and an 80% share of the Hard-Tissue Dental Laser Market. As BIOL's CEO Federico Pignatelli has often said, "by owning BIOL you own the Dental laser market"! All other players (and there are many others in the Total Dental Laser Market) have very small shares of the Dental Laser Market. As an investor, I like the prospect of owning a piece of the Number One company (BIOL) in the field. Note that the market is just now on the verge of getting started with major penetration (and it is a HUGE market). I think BIOL investors are well positioned owning the by far Number One player in an emerging HUGE market with its patent protected technology. This is what I believe to be the right investment at the right time!

      Best Regards,


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      • First to market and market share claims and no Cash flow for 3 decades?lol

        and competition comes from behind with cutting edge leap to win the race....

        and Freddie dreams big big big


        and you have not done your DD, I can bet on it

      • Syneron Dental Lasers LiteTouch Training Academy Goes Global

        YOKNEAM, ISRAEL, FEBRUARY 28, 2013 — /PRNewswire/ --
        Groundbreaking educational partnership with several of the most experienced laser dentistry educators

        Syneron Dental Lasers, the leading provider of innovative dental laser technologies is pleased to announce the launch of its global LiteTouch™ Training Academy, with a groundbreaking concept that opens more than 8 academic institutions around the globe offering practical LiteTouch™ training and insight into the Laser-in-the-Handpiece™ technology.

        Syneron Dental Lasers has partnered in education with world-class leading laser dentistry institutions including:

        The International Society for Oral Laser Applications (SOLA) in Vienna.
        The University of Barcelona.
        The Hebrew University and Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem.
        The University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis.
        The University of Plovdiv.
        Faculty of Medical Sciences, General Stomatology University "Goce Delcev" Stip, R. Macedonia.
        The University of Geneva.
        The Asia Pacific Laser Institute.
        The LiteTouch™ training programs include instructor-led classroom lectures as well as hands-on sessions. The Academy offers training programs led by key opinion leaders and targets two main groups: new entrants to laser dentistry and practitioners looking to extend their clinical knowledge. In addition, the program will provide a first-of-its-kind education program for specialists seeking to understand best practices and clinical solutions for specific procedures in their area of specialty (e.g., Endodontics, Periodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Restorative and Oral Surgery, Aesthetic Dentistry and more).

        "We are delighted to launch a truly first of its kind LiteTouch™ Training Academy that spans the entire globe," said Ira Prigat, President and CEO of Syneron Dental Lasers. "Furthermore, we are proud to have assembled a stellar team of LiteTouch™ lecturers who have accumulated hundreds of training

      • Market share is relative. 6 years ago Biolase had 90% of the market. The question is, "What is Biolase's 2012 market share?" Much less than 45% I'd wager.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Google search and watch this video:
      ALTA MLS Dental Laser (Right) Standard diode (Left)

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      • Yeh so...most DIODE lasers using 980 NM BURN tissue. if you attended any dental trade show which you have not you would have seen this with your own eyes. BIOL EPIC does not charr flesh like AMD laser and Siro that they sell. Further after I TOLD you regarding FONTANA that they are in severe financial distress bleeding cash and clarified the royalty issue and you still post what you post.... it truely sickens me to no end....keep your posting up cause you about to be made a fool AGAIN. I just got a tooth filed with iPLUS and I can tell you its PAINLESS, fast and worth every penny and does what it claims. Dont let any of this dopes who dont to real fundamental sway you. The institutional buyers post Lazard agree.......

      • The New ALTA MLS laser cutting comparison. This is the ONLY Laser your practice will EVER need! Soft Tissue, Perio, & Hard Tissue modules! The fastest laser with the smoothest cutting.

    • Giode laser is a commodity item where pricing wins. At best, incremental sales and margin. Snore. Value, or lack thereof, in this company has always been the grandly over-priced all-tissue laser. As has been demonstrated over the last 10 plus years, the Waterlase is not a "must have".

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      • Photonics begins commercialization of stLase laser system for soft-tissue surgery
        Feb 13, 2013

        In January 2013 Photonics, with investments from Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund and RVC Seed Fund, made ​​the first domestic sale of the laser system stLase to the global market under the brand name Alta®. The company's development partner, Dental Photonics Inc., is engaged in the commercialization of the product in the global market and has placed over a dozen laser systems beginning in March 2012 in the United States and in Japan as of July 2012. They also plan on selling in South Korea upon approval from the local regulator (KFDA).

        "Photonics recent sales are very important news for our fund. StLase has become the first world-class innovative product developed with the participation of Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund, to enter both global and the Russian markets and is already being used to treat patients in the United States, Russia, and Japan. We are confident that through the coordinated efforts of our international team that successfully completed the development and sale preparation of stLase, this device will hold a strong position in the competitive market of dental laser equipment,” said Dmitry Popov, managing partner of Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund.

        "We are excited about commencement of commercial sales in the Russian Federation. This laser system features best-in class medical technology created over several years of intense collaboration with our Russian partners. The product’s unprecedented precision, speed, safety, and ease of use have been enthusiastically received by top key opinion leaders in the United States. We are pleased with the continued adoption of our products by top Russian clinicians and look forward to working with our international partners to establish a leading position in the medical laser instruments market,” said Alexander Vybornov, Dental Photonics’ CEO.

        Alexey Teleshev, CEO of RVC Seed Fund added: "Photonics is a unique illustration of the global competitiveness of Russian technologies, developed in partnership with international experts. At the moment, the project has reached a major milestone and has started generating revenue as a result of the first sales in Russia and abroad."

        StLase (Alta®) — is a compact laser system designed for various procedures and treatments on the soft tissues. The system consists of the main console, equipped with a seven-inch interactive touch screen, and the applicable modules that can be attached to the side of the console. Advantages of the new laser system include its compactness, multi-function capabilities, ergonomics, and the relatively low cost. The device can also be used in cardiovascular surgery, surgery in obstetrics and gynecology, ENT, proctology as well as other medical fields.

        In late 2012, the developed design won two prestigious international awards: iF Product Design Award in 2013 and 2012 Good DesignTM.

        About Photonics — Photonics is a innovative company founded in 2010 and financed by Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund and RVC Seed Fund. Photonics is a participant in the Technology Platform "Medicine of the Future" and a resident of Biomedical Cluster at Skolkovo Innovation Center. The main goal of Photonics is to develop and bring to the Russian market innovative laser technologies for soft and hard tissue surgery. The development partner of Photonics is an American company Dental Photonics Inc.

        About Dental Photonics, Inc. — Dental Photonics, Inc. is a leading researcher and developer of cutting-edge light-based technologies for dental and medical markets. With development centers near Boston, Mass., and in St. Petersburg, Russia, the company’s team of world-class North American and international scientists and clinicians have created a robust pipeline of innovative photonics products supported by the portfolio of over 20 issued and pending patents. Dental Photonics’ novel TOP® Surgery, Automatic Power Control (APC™), and SureStep™ tip initiation technologies mark the first milestone in a series of groundbreaking developments aimed at providing novel and enhanced instruments to the dental practitioner.

        About Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund — Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund (MBVF) is one of the first Russian funds dedicated to investments in the life science sector and was formed with the participation of RVC. MBVF relies on an experienced international team of managers and financial and industry experts and has offices in Moscow and Boston. MBVF is investing in product development companies specializing in a broad range of therapeutic areas or medical devices categories. To date, MBVF has invested in OncoMax (oncology), NeuroMax (CNS), MetaMax (oncology & metabolic diseases), Infectex (infectious diseases), CardioNova (cardiovascular diseases), Hepatera (liver diseases), Osteros Biomedica (cancer-induced bone diseases), Eleventa (inflammatory respiratory diseases) and Photonics (novel lasers for medicine and dentistry). Products in these companies originated either from Russian scientists or were licensed from international biopharma companies. All the portfolio companies are residents at Skolkovo Innovation Center.

        About RVC Seed Fund — RVC Seed Fund, Ltd was established on Oct. 22, 2009, in furtherance of the RVC Strategy. Seed Fund founding members are RVC (99%) and Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (1%). The Seed Fund is focused on investing into Russian innovative companies with high growth potential on Russian and foreign technology markets. The Seed Fund activities are assisted by Venture Partners and Initiators, who have access to scientific, material, technical and financial resources which are essential for Venture Partners’ activities. The Seed Fund Investment Policy (strategy) is to invest Seed Fund capital in securities and shares in authorized capitals of Russian seed stage innovative enterprises.

        About RVC — RVC is a government fund of funds and a development institute of the Russian Federation; since 2006 it has been one of Russia’s key tools in building its own national innovation economy. RVC invests government capital through VC funds that it creates in partnership with private investors. RVC has backed 12 funds (including two funds outside Russia) with a total capitalization of RUB 26 billion (about US$860 million), its share amounting to RUB 16 billion (about US$530 million). As of November 2012, RVC-backed funds hold a portfolio of 126 companies, with invested capital totaling RUB 10.8 billion (about US$350 million).

    • New Website
      Posted on February 1, 2013 in: News & Events
      LightScalpel, LLC is launching a new website. Welcome and we hope you find all you are looking for! More updates are coming soon.

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      • kensandhu Feb 28, 2013 9:20 PM Flag

        LightScalpel LLC Appoints LuxarCare LLC as Its Exclusive Distributor
        Posted on January 28, 2013 in: News & Events
        LightScalpel, LLC and LuxarCare, LLC have jointly announced the appointment of LuxarCare as LightScalpel’s worldwide representative for all sales, service, and support of LightScalepl’s laser products and its customers.

        LightScalpel, LLC, is the only American manufacturer of surgical CO2 lasers with flexible fiber beam delivery systems. LightScalpel, LLC was established in 2005 to develop a second-generation of flexible CO2 surgical lasers. LightScalpel lasers and laser accessories are designed to provide the best in surgical CO2 technology: unparalleled clinical access, convenience, reliability and affordability.

        LuxarCare, LLC was established in 2002 to exclusively support the owners of the first- generation of flexible waveguide CO2 surgical lasers manufactured by Luxar under the AccuVet and NovaPulse brand names. LuxarCare is proud to add LightScalpel surgical laser products to its mission to keep flexible fiber waveguide lasers in operation for many years to come.

    • Cost of Ownership
      Of all the soft-tissue dental CO2 lasers*) on the market today, the LightScalpel’s LS-1005 greatly outperforms the articulated arm CO2 laser competition on value and on cost of ownership by an estimated $50,000-100,000 over the span of 10 years ($15,000-$20,000 savings in original purchase price plus $4,000-9,000 per year savings in extended warranty coverage).

      *) Diodes are excluded from consideration as non-laser thermal tools in the same class as electrosurgical and other slow thermal instruments. Er-YAGs are excluded as exclusively hard-tissue lasers.
      LightScalpel’s projected Cost of Ownership is largely based on the reliability and service history and legacy of its predecessor: the first generation flexible fiber, all-metal CO2 tube Luxar laser system serviced and supported by LightScalpel’s sister company Luxarcare LLC of Woodinville, WA.

      “The [Luxar CO2] laser has paid for itself a hundred-fold.”

      Dr. Stephen Guttenberg, MD, DDS, Washington DC,
      President of the Washington Institute for Mouth, Face, and Jaw Surgery,
      Past President of the American College of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons,
      Chairman of the Training and Education committee at the Washington Hospital Center
      Thanks to design advances and high degree of customization for dental use, LightScalpel LS-1005 MSRP is about $15,000-$20,000 less than foreign made articulated arm competitor CO2 laser devices.

      Competitor articulated arm CO2 lasers that are marketed to dentists are the same devices that are being marketed to high-end PLASTIC SURGEONS! Hence their high MSRPs!

      Thanks to revolutionary tipless laser handpieces, LightScalpel LS-1005 uses no disposables just like the articulated arm CO2 lasers.

      Beam Delivery Calibration
      LightScalpel features on-board distal end calibration for its beam delivery system that all articulated arm dental lasers lack.

      LightScalpel’s calibration system is built-in for the life-span of the laser, and calibration can be performed by the user at any time (e.g. daily) at $0.00 cost.

      Articulated arm lasers require annual maintenance, performed by EXPENSIVE field service, to ensure that beam delivery system calibration and alignment conforms to OEM specifications.

      Extended Warranty, Repairs, Tube Replacement, and Annual Maintenance
      Just like the annual maintenance is needed for the articulated arm CO2 laser to simply ensure its calibration and alignment, its fragile and relatively short-lived CO2 laser tube made of glass also requires expensive care to ensure system’s conformance to OEM specifications. Besides alignment and glass tube maintenance, there are other sub-systems that are just as high-maintenance: 1) liquid flow pumps, manifolds, gauges and heat-exchangers, and 2) high-voltage (10,000!) DC power supply.

      The best way to control costs over all of high-maintenance items above is to purchase the Extended Warranty costing as much #$%$000-10,000 annually. Such exuberantly high maintenance cost is largely due to how these articulated arm CO2 lasers are being serviced in the high-end PLASTIC SURGERY market.

      LightScalpel’s best-selling (through LuxarCare) “bumper-to-bumper” Parts and Labor extended warranty costs just $1,000 annually (per year cost for 3-7 Yr plans) – thanks to rugged and in-expensive all-metal tube, low voltage (32 volts) power supply and simple forced air cooling system (12 volts fans – and no flowing liquid coolants!).

      No wonder why LightScalpel’ extended warranty brings $4,000-9,000 in savings annually over comparable coverage for a competitive articulated arm surgical CO2 laser.

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      • * Develop sales and marketing strategies by identifying who-stands-where in the markets, AMD Lasers, LLC's operates in.
        * Plan your competition strategies by identifying the company's shares in the markets and geographic regions it operates in.
        * Design your own inorganic growth and business-collaboration strategies by understanding the financial deals your competitors are involved in.
        * Advance your understanding of the competitive landscape and the competitors by leveraging on the data and information provided in the report.
        * Support your overall business strategies by leveraging on the key data and information provided in the report, which includes but not limited to AMD Lasers, LLC's market positions.

        Companies Mentioned in this Report: BIOLASE Technology, Inc., Sirona Dental Systems, Inc., KaVo Dental Corporation, Yoshida Dental Mfg. Co.,Ltd., Morita Corporation, Ivoclar Vivadent AG, DEKA M.E.L.A. s.r.l., HOYA ConBio, FOTONA proizvodnja optoelektronskih naprav d.d., Osada Electric Company, Limited, DL Medical Spa, Dabi Atlante S/A Industrias Medico Odontologicas, Gigaa Optronics Technology Company Ltd., Sweden & Martina S.P.A.

    • Does FOTONA pay royalties to BIOL as claimed by Freddie?

    • Check Videos to compare dental lasers at work

      Alta® MLS vs DIODE laser by BIOL

      John Graeber, DMD, PA
      East Hanover, NJ
      My initial impression is that this system is the next generation of Diode laser. Faster ablation, side firing, and automatically corrects for the optimum power setting. It seems like we have moved from Standard to “Automatic Emission” in a diode laser. It should be a lot easier to achieve optimum results with a much shorter learning curve

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