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  • i_gotta_have_more_cowbell i_gotta_have_more_cowbell Oct 9, 2013 4:45 PM Flag

    Over 5 Million Shares Shorted!

    The squeeze on $2 shorts is going to hurt, glad I'm not short!

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    • And another thing the 5m shorts unlike you can read a CF statement and balance sheet vs being spoon fed junk from mgt. The A/P rose $2.5m last qrt indicating suppliers arent getting paid....that will soak up HALF of their $5M raised with the other half going to credit payment and cash use thru end of year. In 1H they will again burn more cash so shorts have figured out that until this dumb mgt raises an adequate level of capital which is over $10M probably $15M to provide enough room for cash needs next 12 months one mistake growth wise and company is BK and done. The recklessness of things here is unreal and you as shareholders tolerate it.....if revenues stall you lose everything. Yet this mgt thinks mkt is stupid not to figure this out hoping to prob shares higher only to stuff more equity down your throut. Wake up cause these games are done.

    • oh yeh...and your glad your long trusting a CEO who had a dumb policy of issuing shares to prevent shorting? How did that work out? How did P&G work out? How did sales force strategy work out...and so on....pre-announcement confirms emporer has no clothes again coming Friday.....good luck with the track record of this non existant mgt......

    • Tinkerbell, why do you continue to insist there are a significant number of shorts under $2? It just isn't true and you do the board a disservice to continue to repeat this falsehood.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • not much risk in the short term for the shorts when its already been announced the company does not expect to be profitable in 2013. if a squeeze happens they have plenty of time to cover between now and the q4 numbers that wont be released until q1 '14. the only profitable q of the year.

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      • The nature of a squeeze is when it happens, it happens. There is not time to cover. It's like saying you'll wait until after you're in a head on collision to put your seatbelt on. I'm not sure you understand the dynamic at work? A 1.60 short may have the margin to hang on to dying hope of bankruptcy (sorry shorts, Richard Pearson duped you) then something happens like a government resolution, a full or partial repeal of excise tax on medical devices, is followed by frivolous suits vaporizing Oct 22 (see all ambulance chasers begging for plaintiffs again yesterday?) leading in to a good conference call.

        When some or all of that kicks off demand for shares, the gambling short that left little room for error will be in a tight spot when the Fed call lands in his inbox, and the phone starts ringing. At that point outside cash will need to be deposited, can't sell anything in the book to answer that debt, every minute counts in a situation like that. How fast can outside funds be cleared in that event? Foolish is the naked short of a penny stock, that didn't cover his short right off the bat with calls, anything less is just stupid. Something tells me you know this all too well, is that how you ended up bashing from the bench, while the rest of us actively invest? You should have sought my advice back then ;)

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