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  • i_gotta_have_more_cowbell i_gotta_have_more_cowbell Oct 15, 2013 1:07 PM Flag

    Team Building

    No, I don't mean going rock climbing with the board of directors. I'm talking about the addition of one Frederic H Moll to the Biolase board of directors four months ago. On June 7th the Chairman and CEO of Auris joined the BIOL team. Today we learn of a collaboration between the two companies aimed at ophthalmology solutions, weird right? Who'da thunk it? Turns out bashers where more right than they could have imagined, Biolase technology is so versatile that attaching to anything instantly makes that thing way more awesomer!

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    • Are some complete idiot? What this CEO is all about is pumping stock on PR's that are meanless in addressing the here and now which is his insistance on running this company INTO THE GROUND thru burning cash. HIS LACK OF FOCUS ON CORE AND PURSUIT OF BS THINGS THAT WONT PAY DIVIDENDS NOT BILLS YEARS FROM NOW IS THE REASON WHY WE ARE IN THE MESS. If you keep supporting this type of behavior as a shareholder you will be left with nothing. This guy should not be the head of a hot dog stand neverf mind any other business.

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      • This guy should not be the head of a hot dog stand neverf mind any other business.


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      • Liberals LOVE hopes and dreams!
        Intentions, those lovely human thoughts that require no follow-thru only sincere belief, are so much easier than actual productivity ie, exponential sales growth and profits ie hard cash.

        If AAPL were run like BIOL people would be saying things like " This company could have a music management system that allows you to download music over the web. Wouldn't that be awesome!" Of course, again if AAPL were like BIOL iTunes would not exist but the intention would be lauded.

        So, BIOL is wonderful (so many great intentions) despite, the oft-challenged yet quarter after quarter FACT, that BIOL cannot make $$$$$.

    • i_gotta_have_more_cowbell i_gotta_have_more_cowbell Oct 16, 2013 2:26 AM Flag

      I want to put a four letter word out there for you, not BIOL, something else. But before you run off to check it out, I want you to notice who sits on their board. Less than a month ago it's stock traded at $16 now it's hanging around $30 The co-founder and director of the $1.4 billion MAKO Surgical Corporation that employs more than 400 people, is none other than our very own Fred Moll. Can we just call him Dr. Merger from now on? What combinations are in store for Biolase? Today it was Auris, tomorrow it could me NewTom. Somebody going home with somebody else...

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      • Tinkerbell, why not write the WHOLE story. MAKO developed a robotic arm for surgery and was losing money. Not as much as Biolase, but not profitable. Why? Because they had decent technology, but no sales expertise. They were bought out a week ago at a 75% premium to the previous days closing price by Stryker, a company with an excellent sales force that is making money as well as paying a REAL dividend. Good for MAKO.

        The bigger question is why isn't Fred still running the company and why as a founder does he have less than 1% of the outstanding shares?

        I have said many times Biolase's stockholders best possible out come, IMHO, would be a buyout by a real company. That is what was in the works 3 years ago, when freddie staged his coup. rumor has it they were looking for $1.50 to $2/share.

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      • I don't believe that you'll find anyone here running off to check out one of your lame stock picks, Apparently, you never even purchased this mako shark, moll eating winner. Do you really think by spinning up some crazy BIOL connection that it will get you out of your hole? Meatballs, here's a four letter word for you to go check out. DUMB

    • Of the two Auris looks to be the better company, but they appear to be privately held. After cursurry look they engineer and develop, but do not market. One has to question why a legitamate CEO would allow himself to be associated with freddie though.

      The true believers were excited for an hour or two, but apparently the market sees it as more freddie fluff.

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    • now two broke companies can burn more cash. good thing biol partnered up with a company that employees 3 people and has annual revs of 270k. funny. what ever came out of the p&g deal?

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