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  • moneyiscool moneyiscool Apr 17, 1998 12:56 AM Flag

    Check this out

    I normaly would not do this but I feel you all should look at this..

    ACRT, check out the board on yahoo and I think you will see what I mean. There is a full on "short squeeze" happening. There are almost 2 million short positions and the stock went up over 24% today. Anyway, do your DD but I highley reccomend you at least check it out.

    Go BLTI and ACRT

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    • To All:

      I read BLTI's message board every day becuase I hold a small position. I have lost money in the stock, lost money by keeping it in BLTI stock and not investing the hot internet stocks, and may lose my hole position because I am not going to sell.

      I like the idea using a laser for dentistry. What I don't like is all the "BS" that was put on our message board today.
      Message 77 talks about " ..We got FDA approval". BLTI does not have FDA approval. Message 75 talks about BLTI as an "Attractive
      Acquistion". BLTI has never turned a profit and it's only distributor has requested changes to the company's only product before they
      accept any more lasers, therefor it is not attractive. Further messages 78, 79, 80 & 81 make reference to Dentists such as "I am a
      Dentist", "My dentist has one", or "Someone who used one.. ". Why would these type of message appear all in one day? It's got to be
      someone with a stock or option position trying to make a fast buck.

      When I see stuff like this going on it scares me and other people. Please be kind to the rest of us and publish only truthful information. If your message was for real, please excuse me!


    • I think management has done a good job positioning the company
      for commercial success by getting the intellectual property
      and regulatory clearance in place. It has assembled unique
      technologies that secure market share and make the company an attractive acquisition. I've reviewed the financials and they
      have done a lot with a low burn rate.As they reach the domestic marketplace in the next few months, it should be a great time for
      us shareholders.

    • "Stop bitchin' and get out of the kitchen"

      Have you ever made food from scratch? First you have to gather together ingredients, measure out proper amounts and then transfer in the correct dosage of heat.

      What happens if you are baking food and you keep opening the oven? My simple opinion is to observe from afar, keep from bothering the chef and most importantly be patient. What you smell today is the raw garlic that's going into grandma's lasagna.

      If you can't handle the possibility of losing ALL of your investment, then GET OUT of the small cap market.

      To quote grandma (in English) when she was concocting a magnificent new dish, "difficult dishes we cook now... impossible dishes just take a little longer". I am eating (with my close friends) and eating well Oct. 99.

      • 2 Replies to larry_chiang
      • When BLTI goes to 12 what will you all do with
        the profits?

        I would like to recommend buying
        into my new credit card bank-First Pacific Bankcorp. I
        can e-mail you details if your are curious. Keyword
        searches are under "Larry Chiang" and "United College
        Marketing Services".

      • Larry,

        I belive your intentions are sincere so please don't be defensive. A good investor never gets personal with their investment decisions. Some are good and some are bad. That's the way it is!!

        This company is in Big Trouble. Not only financial trouble but product and management trouble. Look at it this way. The
        company has no money and the only significant distributor is not willing to pay for laser shipments. My opinion, the German
        distriutor contract is questionable. The management continues to tease us investors by releasing information about product
        introductions that never materialize. Laser Brush is an example. Further, engineering can not design a product that is mufacturable to
        meet customer needs. The laser handpiece is an example.

        One more point. Can you trust management? As an investor you must trust them with your money. I can't trust them becuase of false press releases and hype I have heard from some of the VPs. I know these are foward looking statements but where is the truth?

        Let me ask you a question. "Do you know the difference between the DermaLase and the Millennium products?"

        Answer: My research shows they are the same product with different lables but one is FDA approved as a laser and the other is pending FDA approval as a hydro-kinetic system. What is it really?

        My advice is to sell all your shares while you can still afford lunch at a fine dinner. Nobody cooks anymore!!

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