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  • cadilac27 cadilac27 Jun 30, 1998 7:13 PM Flag

    good things to come

    I really seem to believe that this stock will
    someday be worth quite a bit. How long we'll have to wait
    is anyone's guess but with the technology that they
    have patented if the company can grow and bring the
    technology to the market the sky's the limit. Being a
    shareholder, I hated seeing the price drop after last quarters
    earnings because it seemed as it was starting to roll
    given that everything was finally into fda. However, if
    you've seen the handpiece you would understand that it
    needed a redesign. I hear the crystal saphire tip broke
    easily and they were constanly having to replace them.
    Maybe they were too bulky to fit in the back of the
    mouth? So in the long haul this is a good thing. Maybe
    they are simultaneously working on making the whole
    unit smaller. For those who have seen the machine in
    production there is quite a bit of room inside and a
    redesign of it could save a lot of space and make it a lot
    smaller. With two contracts in hand I have to believe that
    this will be a laser in demand. Yes it's expensive but
    the high end practices will pay for it. So far the
    Germans and Japanese want it. With this, we know the
    laser works and it leads me to believe that FDA is a
    high possibility. Plus premiere got the first and most
    difficult one out of the way. I know for a fact that blti's
    laser cuts better that premier's. I've spoken to one of
    the sales reps that left premiere. Word has it that
    they both left last sep. for "greener Pastures". They
    must have seen something in blti. The big question is
    if management can execute a business plan. So far
    they've been slow to the punch and failed on a lot of
    promises, but I have to believe they will deliver. It is a
    very tight nit bunch of people at blti and they have a
    lot to gain. In for the long haul unless fda really
    makes it pop. See you there.

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    • cadilac: He my son recomended this stock to and
      he is just as sure as you it will take off.He seemes
      to know some one who works for BLTI and they and my
      son are staying with them.I'll stay as well, to bad
      my broaker dosent agree. He has been buging me to
      dump it for a year.I THINK IT'S A WINNER.

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