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  • luftleone luftleone Jun 16, 1999 1:44 PM Flag

    I came over

    to this board seeking some comfort and rest from
    the misery over at the plsia board and what do I
    find? Nothing but this spam crap. Fortunately, the
    epidemic is so bad that it will probably burn itself out

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    • When will dentists throw away their equipment?How
      bout now,so i won't have to go through all that
      pain,kids hate dentists,it'll do wonders for their public
      acceptance,image.When was the las time you went to a dentist?Or do you
      prefer a HAitian witch doctor?

    • way,,,

      compared to the total asset
      value of their funds this is more or less "betting
      money" more than investing money.

      As they know
      from other successes in the med device field it almost
      pays to put some money on the table 'just in

      Not saying they put money on everything but this
      product is one of few that really "has the stage" in the
      dental technology arena.

      As has been said
      before....and as continues to churn in my mind...the box might
      be pricy, there might be few dentists that buy it in
      the next two years, may very well be the
      way of the future....and buying the stock now is
      "early adopter investment'.

      I am still
      determining in my own mind the wherewithall of this company
      and it's mgmt. It could be a long dry spell before
      this really takes off if at all. I want to be sure
      they can keep their focus and hang in when/if the
      excitement wears off and they are faced with having to
      figure out how to package the technology under $15

    • as you translate this into actual unit really does open one's eyes a good bit

      to me it is a confirmation of what my neighbor
      dentist told me....40000 is enough to tool up a full
      blown dentist office with a single seat.

      It was
      suggested that until the unit hit closer to the $10000 mark
      you won't see a large volume of unit sales. There are
      very few single units of dental hardware that are even
      in that ball park. The most likely early purchasers
      will be the "body shop" dental franchises.

      This is the report I got from a local "40 something"

    • You say "with all the changes and component
      problems, I would seriously wait for the next change before
      I bought."

      The hand piece changes have
      already been made, what "next change" are you talking
      about? What component problems still exist? As they say
      "support or retract".


    • Yes, You are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. Dentist of the
      USA and World will not throw away their equipment
      without a fight. They are doing just fine with the
      equipment that they have. Why spend $43,000 USA to $50,000
      Internationally for something they don't need. This is the
      problem with selling the Millennium. It does offer some
      unique and special benefits. However, their are other
      substitutes that are much more cost effective.
      will be around, but the question is, where will its
      stock price be? This is an R&D company that needs to
      somehow finalize the system desing and work on
      commercialization issues.

      If I were a dentist, with all the
      changes and component problems, I would seriously wait
      for the next change before I bought. However, it is
      the best system currently in the market and the
      dentist must weight that decision for


    • I am sorry to say, but I do believe you are
      suffering from delusions of grandeur. If you think that the
      dentists of the world are just going to throw away their
      equipment without a fight you are terribly mistaken. Most
      dentists are doing just fine with the equipment that is
      currently in use. They have to think long and hard to make
      the decision on their own.
      But making the decision
      on their own is not what the Millennium is about.
      The decision will be made for them when sometime in
      the future their business will begin to falter due to
      the dentist next door who has the state of the art
      equipment (Millennium). It takes time to revolutionize an
      I believe that BLTI will be the company that
      will lead the pack.
      AND I believe because they are
      attempting, to change an inustry with its feet firmly in the
      ground, they are entitled to as many, what you call,
      excuses as necessary.
      Trust your foresight. Will they
      or won't they be around for years to

    • sorry, dass ich mich erst jetzt melde. war f�r
      eine woche im b�nderland (komme ja aus der schweiz) um
      etwas bergluft zu tanken. werde deinen rat befolgen und
      morgen 1000 blti kaufen.
      auch ich besitze nur small
      caps. die meisten sind bio-titel.
      wo bist du noch
      investiert? habe einen guten b�rsenbrief der u.a.
      hier auch schon erw�hnt, empfohlen. klick einmal
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      gruss peter

    • Biolase Technology, Inc.
      NASD : BLTI

      Sector: Healthcare
      Industry: Medical Equipment &

      Top Institutional Holders
      Institutional Name Report Date Position
      GROUP, INCORPORATED 03/31/99 21,250
      2 MELLON BANK,
      N.A. 06/30/99 20,075
      03/31/99 18,182
      4 VANGUARD GROUP, INC. (THE) 06/30/99
      5 BARCLAYS BANK PLC 03/31/99 6,300

      I'm not sure but it seems interesting to me that
      Mellon Bank and the Vanguard Group seems to have bought
      a few shares of a little known comapny like BLTI in
      How did they find us?


    • I agree that they have no more excuses.
      I do
      put a great deal of weight on their past performance
      with the Millennium. The sale of the Millennium are
      quite low, especially with a greatly expanded sales
      force. The Millennium was expected to be the success
      driver of this company. Now it looks like the LaserSmile
      toothbrushes are supporting the company.

      I think that
      the handpiece redesign sounds good. For $3,900
      replacement cost. I'm sure all the past customers are quickly
      switching over. I don't know how many units of the
      Millennium that they have sold to date <>150 to 200.
      You think that if the dentists were willing to pay
      $43,000 to $45,000 that they would provide better good
      will to them and give them a better price. They don't
      have to give them away, but this would go a long way
      with all of the changes that they keep making with the

      With the handpice, I like the idea of
      different sized, disposable tips. But, with a $3,900 cost,
      what is the price of these disposable tips? What does
      this mean for the per patient treatment

      What was the problem with the components? I'm not
      clear what is happening. I'm not sure other potential
      buyers are as well.

      I just don't see the FDA
      clearance for children being the big revolutionary
      breakthrough. With fluoride treated water and better dental
      hygene of children. The number of children patients that
      need hard or soft tissue procedures is very

      I'm still greatly conserned about the emphasis of
      selling great numbers of the Millennium world wide when
      they can't sell them domestically. Again what is the
      international selling price?
      With 11 units / month
      domestically and internationally for the past 6 months it can
      only get better.

      This is a good R&D company,
      but their commercialization needs work.


    • I didn't say the quarter just completed was an

      You can't use the just completed quarter as guidance
      becase the handpiece re-engineering wasn't announced
      until after the quarter was done. Also in the US, the
      child FDA thing didn't come out until near the end of
      the quarter. With the reconfiguration of the
      handpiece and working out component problems I'm surprised
      they even sold what they did.

      It is the coming
      quarter, the one started July 1, that should see a
      significant improvement...all the pieces are finally in
      place, so there are no more execuses, IMO, if this
      product is really going to happen.... but then, like I
      said, we'll have to see.


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