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  • Iridium190 Iridium190 Aug 6, 1999 5:17 PM Flag

    BioLase Mentioned in Photonic Spectra

    Sorry this article is not at the

    Section is Photonics in: Medicine.


    "'During the past year, we've seen absolutely no increas
    in laser purchases for hard tissue,' said Dr.
    Stewart Colton, a periodontist and president of the
    Academy of Laser Denistry...Colton attributes this
    flatlining growth rate to factors such as misperceptions
    about the use of lasers and limited coverage in

    "Now, a second laser system, the Millennium from
    bioLase Technolgy Inc. of San Clemente, Calif., has
    received FDA approval."

    "'This is an amazing
    technology,' said Dr. Jon C. Karna in Atherton, Calif. He
    purchased a BioLase system in November for about $43,000.
    'I'm convinced this may be the most gentle modality
    for removing caries in the dental

    "Dentists cite price as their major obstacle...More
    dentists would give serious consideration to adopting one
    in the future if 10-W systems cost about $10,000 or
    5-W tabletop systems could be bought for $5,000, he
    [Colton] said."

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    • Does anybody know where KNUM2 is? LOL!


    • I know I have not said much on this board, but I
      enjoy reading it. Something interesting happened today,
      I was talking to 2 stock brokers I trade with and
      discussed the potential of BLTI. Both stock brokers have
      short term(3-6 months) price targets between $5 to $10
      and $20 to $40 (12 to 24 months). I just thought that
      was pretty wierd that they were right about were knum
      was. Maybe theres more to this than I know. Hope they
      are right. Just thought I'd share this.

    • I completely agree with your post. Ive owned
      many-a-stock before, and this one does not perform like the
      rest. It seems to be something that I see occurring
      more and more though with stocks - the absolute
      complete defiance of "logic". A good company who reports
      good earnings, positive announcements, etc, and the
      stock goes down. Doesn't make much sense...but then
      again, the market we trade in right now is nothing like
      the market, even of 5 or 10yrs

      Either way I am very long on BLTI, as you are. I enjoy
      reading the posts here, and will continue to do so. I
      don't post much, but like to monitor things I guess.

      I think one thing is obvious though - none of us
      would really "mind" if knum just happened to turn out
      to be right, 40's would get most of us sittin'

      He does bring out some good points
      though, especially the one about people selling way too
      early in a rough market. They seem, as I have in the
      past, to forgoe sound investment principles to make a
      quick buck, when they don't see the underlying real
      value of a great-to-be company. We'll only see what the
      future brings, especially to BLTI...right? This is one
      of those long-term holds for me, which for me is a
      year-plus. I try not to check it everyday, although I'd
      really like to see levels around 2 so I can beef up my

      Until then have a good weekend everyone.

    • if one deserved a proof for Einstein's theory,
      your post would clearly qualify . You really think I
      am NEGATIVE on the stock? Maybe you should go back
      and read some older messages to get the real picture.
      Compared to knum's hype I'm negative, that's right. But
      from a "normal" perspective you have to realise: BLTI
      is my largest holding, I have never doubted the long
      term success of the companies products, I love their
      hydrokinetic technology and actually I'm absolutely convinced
      that this is the best hard tissue laser available
      today and probably in the future. I'm a
      What makes me post such sarcastic messages is the
      incredible performance of the stock. Even you will have to
      admit that its behaviour is more than curious. Its fair
      value should be in the $4-5 range right now but it
      closed below 2 1/2 yesterday. If you hold this stock for
      20 months and constantly see it perform in such a
      way, there's nothing you can do than just become
      sarcastic. But as long as the story is ok nothing can make
      me sell my shares.


    • I thoroughly enjoy reading these posts, I
      actually look forward to sitting down in front of the
      computer at night and reading them...

      Whether or
      not Knum is right, I love his posts. They are
      actually in-line with my buddy's broker's estimates for
      the end of the year, when the 99 numbers are

      Amiga - my only question to you is: Since
      nearly every one of your posts are sarcastic or
      negative, whether or not you are correct, why on earth are
      you still "in" on this stock? If a stock I ever owned
      consumed me as much as it appears BLTI does you, I'd sell
      and look for something more sane.

      BLTI will
      have it's day - no doubt in my mind, but, the obvious
      question is, when?

      Long, strong, and stuck in my
      ratty-old job til this thing hit's Knum's 40...

    • A deal's a deal. If BLTI is not $8 by December 31, you agreed to drop off this chat board forever.

      you buddy, Jerryco3

    • outside the USA you can use cybercafes, they are very cheap, ........see you in Jan 2010!!!!!

    • You are remarkably full of crap.
      But best wishes anyway on your imaginary trip - Jim

    • I'm off this board until Jan. I will be traveling
      outside the USA and do not want to waste the expense just
      to chat.(my Stock accounts & Intenet connection are
      via satelite) Its been enjoyable and I'll chat with
      all of you Mid Jan or so. Hopfully right around
      earnings if there on time again...according to you guys,
      nothing possiblly could make this stock go up anyways, so
      I'm sure I won't miss much, unless maybe some bad
      news came out! :-)

      See you Jan. My plane leaves
      in two hours


    • My sentiments exactly!!

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