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  • Iridium190 Iridium190 Jul 25, 2001 8:59 AM Flag

    BLTI in July issue of Dental Economics

    I don't know about Amiga, I'm not a dentist but I know a fair bit about lasers so let me put in.

    First the variable pulse rate is a nice feature but not all that important. 20 hz vs 30 hz? Actually 30 hz is probably worse as tissue is more likely to overheat. And all of this is not terribly important as it's like all the extra speeds on a bicycle, many don't get used. Most dentists will probably pick a rate they like (based on the sound) and leave it there. Probably a rate between 10-20 hz.

    Second the Erbium laser (there's a reason the symbol is Er and not Ur) does not appear to be as effective as the hydrokinetics. Frankly BLTI wouldn't be putting out such a complex device if a simple laser at a certain wavelength would do. In fact JDSU and Coherent would probably be the big players.

    As for the defocus on the tip? Well I would expect as much, and consider that a positive feature that the Delight is lacking! The dentistry is advertised as painless, why focus the energy right at the nerve where it can cause the most pain?

    Maybe the Delight will work or maybe it will be used by a handful of dentists who won't take the time to serve their customers by getting trained on a better instrument.

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    • Amazing answer. You can also defocus with the Delight. Also any one that knows lasers, knows that having the tip straight on the area to be worked is where the laser works best. 30 pulses goes through the enamel without pain, then the program lowers to 20 for the dentin then to 10 or 15 for the caries. The danger with the defocusing of the Biolase as he goes deeper, is the right amount of defocus, where as with the Delight it is all done by a program. Yes I have spoke to both users, and some have bought a second laser which in my case was the delight. The oposite has not come true, where a ConBio user bought a Biolase, but I am sure it has been done.

    • don't put too much effort in that attempt to educate Woods on what lasers can actually do or not do. He's affiliated with ConBio and he won't give up hyping the DeLight and bashing the Waterlase. He even outright lies to us and once one reveals that he changes his handle.


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