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  • txbuckeroo txbuckeroo Feb 22, 2006 8:25 AM Flag

    Where Is This Company Going?

    I recently heard that this company was losing many of its experienced managers through a reduction in force, and given the competitive make-up of two of its markets, how will it compete?

    By the way, anyone know which version of DSL they are on? I understand that they might be deploying their 4th vendor in an effort to get competitive with the cable company, Cox.

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    • Yesserree, I stays away from there myself, especially during turkey season. There's no bag limit on lawyers, used car salesmen, or former local telephone company executives. It's an inside joke floydage76137. Lufkin is a ways south of Tyler, and east of Conroe. Them folks down there used to haves a fine little independent telephone company until TXU boughts and Enronized the operation (literally). Sold the smoking remains to Consolidated back in 04 with the line count dwindling and the customers leavings in droves. Even left some of the boat anchor executives behind to help pulls it further under. Gotta go. Somebody will comes along one of these days and tells you the rests of the story.

    • I don't get out to Lufkin. East Texas, like Tyler area? I'm in Fort Worth.

    • Yesserree txbuckeroo, the more things change, the more they stay the same. This place has beens bleedings experienced managers ever since TXU boughts it out a decade ago. Let's see, who has been arounds the whole time and lefts a path of of destruction everywhere he's been? Yesserree, thinks high speed slick haired fool ands you'll haves your answer. If he knew as much about technology as he does about sports cars, there mights be some good managers and good customers still arounds. Gotta go. I's founds a hot spot downs on Harry Hines and I needs to uploads somethings from my laptop, if you knows what I means.

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