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  • carlhuels carlhuels Nov 12, 2008 8:49 PM Flag

    Illinois Labor Agreement Problems

    Looks like things are not going well. It appears that the company wants to take job security and force mandatory overtime to name a few of the perks they want to offer. Shame is if they wouldn't have run off the "older" workforce and mismanage the headcount for the past 3-4 years they wouldn't be trying to force overtime on employees that have already put in hundreds of hours of overtime, not to mention the few that have worked way over a thousand hours already this year. Good luck getting the contractors with 7th grade educations to work on your "one of a kind" IPTV and DSL.

    It seems the company took it personal when they lost an arbitration hearing in federal court and decided to thumb their noses at the court only to get a contempt charge later. Now they must blame the workforce for them (company) moving work out of state they had no right to move.

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    • Oh those evil managers. Forcing people to work overtime and make more money. Every other company in every other industry is laying off workers left and right and you pathetic snivelling bastards are complaining about forced overtime. You all deserve to be fired - then you will know what real problems are. Forced overtime in a recession is an incredible benefit workers should be ecstatic over. With home prices so low and with the money from the over time you can all buy the biggest houses you can imagine.

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