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  • vickersviscount vickersviscount Mar 2, 2004 4:26 PM Flag

    Storage theory - question

    I am at the front end of the baby boom generation, whatever I do, everyone else does 3 - 4 years later. I and most of my friends have older parents who are selling their homes, going into assisted living, retirement condos, etc. . .every time, we/they have rented storage lockers, because parents can't part with "stuff" they have collected, and most of us don't want it in our garage. . .there is enough junk there already. . .I would think a lot of storage lockers will be filled in the coming years with parents downsizing their homes. . .observations anyone??

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    • The number of people drawing Social Security in the next 10-15 years is supposed to double.
      That is why you are seeing storage places pop up like McDondalds and Burger King because of exactly what you stated. The empty nesters and the retirees can't part with the "stuff".

    • I agree with you. When my wife's mother died last year, my wife couldn't face going through all the stuff, so into a storage place it went, and it remains there.

      In my city, it is against the law to park motor homes or large trailers on the street, so all the storage places have waiting lists for vehicle spots.

      I see my SHU investment as a safe place to park my money.

    • I was born in 1946 so I'm further on the edge than you are, unless you haven't updated your profile <meow>. I tend to agree with you but there are exceptions.

      A lot of older people just die ... or go into "homes" after giving away as much of their stuff as possible. OTOH the kids or beneficiaries sometimes then rent storage lockers for all the junk.

      I don't think the baby boom and demographics will help the storage business any more than they already have ... which IS plenty. I also note that in areas other than NY, Chi, SF, or otherwise super heavy density with no place for CHEAP storage location, there are plenty of "junk" storage outfits (e.g. Joe's cutrate storage lockers). I expect more.

      That said I just bought 100 each of SHU and SSS and may get more. They have to screw up to not grow.... Better nursing and assisted living homes.