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  • hawk25702 hawk25702 Apr 17, 2014 11:14 PM Flag

    Oh well...Isobutanol is the future and that galls the ethanol people so you've got a mini war going

    on within the petrol industry. those staying in GEVO will do fine in the long run but I know must of the young pups in this investment industry think in terms of what's in it for me NOW....answer is've GOT to wait.

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    • Hawk, you giving advice on how to lose money? You must be the expert.

    • richeydouglas Apr 17, 2014 11:46 PM Flag

      It would have been if the company could actually produce it commercially. I believe investors that dumped and ran got the same feeling from the CC "learning curve" language that I got from it. The feeling or sense that I took away from the CC is they are not able to produce it on a commercial scale and are desperately converting back to ethanol production to try and slow down cash burn. I wish I would have dumped it right after that report and now that I didn't I am trying to put some sort of evaluation based on dwindling cash flow and further dilution that will come as a result of management failure to change gears earlier. This has turned out to be a bad science experiment and Grueber is not man enough to just say it.. I have come to realization now that Isobutanol on a commercial scale is not possible. Maybe on a small scale but that is not going to reward investors after all the money that has been poured into it and lost by Grueber.

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      • richeydouglas Apr 18, 2014 11:52 AM Flag

        This CEO kept throwing capital at something that did not work and what is really disappointing is he threw money away on legal expenses fighting Butamax. There was no point really in all these legal expenses when the so called technology "GIFT" failed to work or has not been proven to work at significant scale. All he proved or accomplished so far is some trial and error runs. Those test to my knowledge resulted in contamination or infections. THE CEO HASE NOT YET PROVEN THIS TECHNOLOGY AND ALL THESE LETTER OF INTENTS WANT MEAN ANYTHING UNTIL THEY DO. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS GUY PAID HIMSELF 3 MILLION A YEAR MAKING US BELIEVE HE WAS SO CLOSE TO A BREAK THROUGH ON A GRAND SCALE. THIS APPEARS TO BE NOTHING BUT A SCAM LIKE THE BASHERS HAVE BEEN CLAIMING FOR SOME TIME NOW. Lets hope he can save the day with some ethanol production to at least slow down the cash burn rate. If I was the government I surely would not give any grant or loan for unproven technology because all that is going to do is waste taxpayers money . Grueber failed investors on a grand scale and needs to step down from being CEO.

      • Ok, it's understandable that your are frustrated as an investor in Gevo.So am I!
        And you have every right to be. So, you do what you need to do, but quit whining about it on this post. If you have lost faith, then just move on.

        I don't mean to put you on the spot here either.

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