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  • yahoo yahoo May 10, 2005 8:52 PM Flag

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    • Overall an upbeat call, more business than they
      can handle, yada yada. Only one guy was asking
      questions, I was hoping for some analysts. Basically the
      hilites were for the most recent qtr.:

      $7.6 mm
      revs, $6 - $6.3 mm revs. est., $3.7 mm revs. previous
      qtr. ---- Very good.

      New customers for qtr 140,
      total 475 --- Very very good

      Between 20% and 30%
      of revs. are repeat customers.

      Set up
      European and Asia-Pacific sales groups basically within
      the last 2 months. Intl. sales only 8% of revs., goal
      25% within 2 yrs.

      Major competitor Cisco, they
      beat 'em almost every time (makes them a takeover
      target I'd say)

      He said if you go to an Exodus
      data center and you walk between the rows of routers
      and servers guess what you will see F5 products. We
      all know how we'll EXDS reported today, dont we?? If
      you dont you had better check!!!! Does anyone
      remember Intel making the statement that they were going
      to get into the hosting business and build hosting

      Exodus and Frontier Teleservices are the biggest

      All n all it sounded good. That new internet
      broadcast service is nice cuz you hear the new from the
      horses mouth.

    • That's exactly how the MM make their money and manipulate the stock price.
      regards and good luck,

    • on a stock two years ago. My whole account got
      whiped out in a day. Lost $120 000. Took me a long time
      to get back in business. Now capital preservation is
      my first objective. I'm not shy to addmit when my
      gamble is wrong and I take a loss and move on to greener
      pastures. I don't meen that you will not do well this time.
      I'm currently out of this stock. Just watching from
      the sidelines. You don't have to get there in a
      Regards and good luck,

    • Fully margined 2500 shares of FFIV, bought in again at 59. In first time at 19. GOOD LUCK TO ME. I WANNA BE A FULLTIME DAYTRADER.

    • hehe...58 sorry..

    • way to go winston - - illegal or not, at least
      you are
      keeping your eye on the ball - - and pay
      attention to
      what's going on out there!!

      F5 - -
      will go up - a lot more analysts are taking a
      at it & you know, exposure - exposure along w/good
      & numbers - - time's on our side !!

    • <EOM>

    • in my opinion. Here's why:

      Under SEC
      rules, shares can only be shorted after an uptick (plus
      tick) or a zero-plus tick. The pattern Wednesday (over
      and over) was for someone to buy 100 shares, and then
      someone would short many more shares (typically 500 or
      more). Since it is unusual for there to be so many
      100-share buys of FFIV, it seems to me that the shorters
      were themselves responsible for the 100-share buys
      that on the surface permitted them to sell short after
      an uptick. Such action of course undermines the
      purpose of the uptick rule. I have asked the SEC for its
      opinion on this matter and have asked it to review all
      trades in FFIV on Wednesday. (There is, of course, an
      exact record of every trade.)

    • eom


      3)Q /0b^U31d)[~

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