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  • dip_199 dip_199 Mar 22, 2011 12:03 AM Flag

    Another thing why this stock is a KEEPER!!

    If you look at it's historical price, it has been going UP, UP and UP ever since the company issued an IPO on the stock in 1999. It grew and split its shares. The only time it went down was during the bust of 2001, which probably affected it's value; the Sars scare in 2003 and the recession in 2009. Other than that, it kept on slowly climbing up!!! It may have pulled back like 20 percent during one month, but came back to grow 38 percent the next 2 months. Just hold the darn stock and you can't lose. You have to be patient!!

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    • Too many conspiracy theories in the article. Look, I'm just going to wait this one out for FFIV to go up. Cramer is always wrong the long term.

    • at what price did you buy this stock?

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      • I bought it high at 139 and averaged it down a a bit to 127. I can buy more and average it down to 118, but just waiting for the right signal. Or to put it bluntly, I'm saving another 10000 dollars from my job before I start purchasing more stocks soon.

        I bought it because I looked at the financial statements and saw the potential and strength in this company. The amount of debt on FFIV is as amazing as CRM's stock. I would rate the beauty of FFIV's financial statement in the top 5 spots in the market!! Such strong fundamentals will not allow Sec or Wall Street to push the stock value any lower.

        Where as you look at AIG, Citigroup, and BAnk of America, really ugly financial statements, that's why they bottomed at the prices they are in. No way will FFIV go any lower. Once it reaches a certain price it will bounce really hard higher.

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