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  • mrlow mrlow Mar 27, 2000 8:00 AM Flag

    Direct competitor going IPO this week!!

    Have a look at Arrowpoint Communications (ARPT)!
    Lead Underwriter: Goldman Sachs.
    I expect that this
    IPO could pour some fuel again into the almost
    extinguished FFIV fire...

    Earnings date

    Chart is still looking ugly in a 4 months review - new
    lower highs followed by lower lows. we need to get out
    of that scheme. ARPT could be the rescuer.

    Although is very accurate in it�s research
    they didn�t mention FFIV as one of ARPT�s competitors.
    But FFIV are!

    IPO Preview : Another twenty or
    so deals scheduled to hit the market next week, more
    than a quarter of them suspect in quality. Seems that
    any company with a concept and a venture capitalist
    is able to make its way to the equity markets these
    days. Sure, they may not be able to brag that Merrill
    or Goldman were their underwriters, but when you're
    running low on cash and have no revenues to speak of, the
    only thing that matters is the money. Next week we'll
    see IPOs underwritten by the likes of Charles Webb &
    Co, Trident Securities and Paulson Investment, with
    several of the offerings heading straight to the bulletin
    boards. Not all of the deals are junk-rated, though. The
    IPO of Internet backbone company, ArrowPoint
    Communications (ARPT), likely to set off the most fireworks next
    week. The Acton, Mass-based company plans to offer 5
    million shares between $15 and $17, in a deal led by
    Goldman Sachs. ArrowPoint designs Web switches that
    enable Web hosting and application service providers to
    deploy a Web network architecture to optimize e-commerce
    transactions and deliver Web content. Over 100 companies have
    deployed ArrowPoint's switches, including EMC, Exodus
    Communications, Global Crossing and NaviSite; competitors include
    Alteon WebSystems (ATON), Foundry Networks (FDRY) and,
    of course, Cisco; company logged revenue of $12.4
    mln in 1999, vs $0.2 mln the year before; ArrowPoint
    expected to price toward the latter part of the week...

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    • I stand corrected. It appears that it is not
      necessarily a statement attributed to Hussey in the Seattle
      article about FFIV now being number 1 surpassing Cisco. I
      inferred that because the author of the article seemed to
      be getting his information from Hussey because he
      apparently was at some sort of speech Hussey was giving and
      drew his information from that speech.
      You stated
      that my AOL example was different because it is about
      "objective reports about measurable progress." Becoming
      number one, whether it is in sales, revenue or customer
      base is absolutely an "objective report about a
      measurable progress". Sales, revenue and customer base
      (clients) are about the most objective report of measurable
      progress that I can think of. These criterion are actual
      issues of substance that you refer to when using the
      Bush/Gore analogy.
      If you consider issuing a statement
      that your company has become the market leader in it's
      products as meaningless news just to pump their stock
      price, then we can agree to disagree.
      News releases
      are not just for investors. They can also be used,
      though not necessarily intentionally, as advertisements
      to perspective customers. If I come out and say that
      my company is now the best of it's class because my
      products have become the most accepted products in the
      marketplace, it can peak the interest of someone who may be in
      need of my products but, because I have a relatively
      unknown name, does not know of my existance.

    • I did read the article. There is absolutely
      nothing in that article to indicate it was a direct quote
      from Hussey. In fact, it appears obvious to me that it
      was the journalist's commentary.

      I do
      understand what you would like to see. I too would like to
      the world to know about FFIV passing CSCO. I just
      disagree with you on whether or not it should be the
      company that brings that news out.

      Your example of
      AOL announcing another one million customers is
      different. That is the kind of news release a company should
      make: objective reports about measurable progress.
      Think of it like you would the presidential election.
      What is more useful, Gore and Bush standing around
      insisting that they are each the best, or Gore and Bush
      talking about where they stand on actual issues (i.e.

      I am not totally defending FFIV's PR moves, they
      have made some blunders. But there is nothing I hate
      more than a company that tosses out completely
      meaningless news releases five times a week just to pump
      their stock price.

      Headline: FFIV BUYS OFFICE

    • Apparently, the news in the article that FFIV was
      now number one was either a synopsis, or a direct
      quote from Hussey.
      "Guess what world we just
      passed Cisco", isn't the release I would expect. Rather,
      "We have just reached the number one position in our
      field and have surpassed our competitors".
      Like I
      said, I'm not bashing the comapny. But if this news
      does not qualify for merit to be released in a press
      release, no news qualifies.
      By the way, did you read
      the article that you speak of? By your post it would
      appear that you haven't. It implies that FFIV does know
      about it. Go read it.
      As for it being trash
      talking, a company stating the progress that it has made
      is not trash talking, just ask Microsoft, or Cisco,
      or AOL for that matter everytime they release news
      that they have signed up another 1 million subscribers

    • I can't believe how many people are whining about
      FFIV's PR not putting out a release on this so-called
      "news" in the Seattle paper.

      Give me a break! It
      was just a couple of sentences in an article in some
      local newspaper. FFIV probably doesn't even know about
      it. Do you think a company is going to respond to or
      reiterate every damn thing that every little newspaper or
      magazine across the country writes about them? Geez, maybe
      they should put out a press release that someone on
      the Yahoo message board said FFIV will be a 10 bagger
      by the end of the year.

      Not to mention, on
      this particular bit of "news" I think it would be a
      really big mistake to come out with a national press
      release saying "Guess what world, we just passed Cisco!"
      That's nothing but trash talking. A company PR
      department should stick to business matters: reporting on
      new deals, partnerships, customers, earnings
      prospects, etc.

    • Im sorry if my overall average buy in price is 87-83 but its not my fault if most investors on this board paid a lot more...

    • was no release if they became #1 in the field surpassing CSCO!!! this is substantial news... the stock should be haulted!!!!! WTF is going on? were is the PR

    • 500 a piece, whether it hits in a week or 12 months. I am out at that price. Naturally, I want it to happen earlier than later.

    • far be it from me to say anything. But what are you smoking?

    • guys better than daytraders have a tendency to
      hold a little longer and also create the 50% upside on
      their large small investors need the big boys
      to drive up the price with their large buys...your
      attitude sucks!!!

    • that is one example, or some big boys want to buy
      shares cheap and ask the company for cooperation to be
      quiet. Now is the quiet period for the company any way.
      Insiders cannot sell during the period. At earnings
      release, expect bunch of news hits the fan and the stock
      price jumps 50% in a week, that is if there is no
      earnings expectation run up. If we shoot to 120 before
      earnings, then expect a 10% pull back and then shooting for
      all time high...............

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