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  • runlong_1999 runlong_1999 Apr 10, 2000 1:42 PM Flag

    DOWN 7 WHAT HAPPENED?????????????

    Actually, xxcalxx is correct and you are
    therefore wrong (or WRONG, as you would write it). If
    anyone who is long a certain stock puts in a limit order
    to sell, that number of shares is unavailable for
    shorting. If all longs did this, there could be no
    shorting. All you need to do is put a limit order to sell
    your shares at $200 or some ridiculously high number
    like that.

    By the way, since a formal education
    does not appear to have been a part of your childhood,
    let me give you a little english

    "Your" as in "your lack of intelligence" is spelled

    "You're" as in "you are an idiot" is what is called a
    contraction and is spelled Y-O-U-'-R-E.

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    • learn before you trade freak your an idiot you
      moron this isnt a freaking english test you geek this
      is the real world and you need to face that fact
      that in the real you and others on this board are
      losin your a$$'s cause you refuse to listen to
      again i am right and you are wrong call your freakin

      • 2 Replies to abby_j_cohen
      • the " Street " for 10 years in Mutual Funds,
        Margin, Performance Analytics, etc . . . No brokerage
        firm's Stock Loan department can loan out their clients
        shares if there is a limit order against them, no matter
        how ridiculously high that price may seem. This is to
        prevent exposure. Fact. Example for the slow (abby); I
        put a limit order to sell at $200 a share. My firm
        has lent these shares to another firm so a client of
        theirs can short it at $70. Now I want to sell my shares
        after a $130 one day pop. My firm has to then buy the
        shares on the open market or pray that all their clients
        don't want to sell on this beautiful $130 one day gain.
        The fact is that my firm would never have to buy the
        shares in the open market and eat the loss because they
        are prevented from lending the shares out when
        there's an existing order against them. Shot, score!

      • address. I will come and beat your face.

        I am sure that with your manners you are used to having your face beat up.

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