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  • wxman69_999 wxman69_999 Apr 16, 2009 7:28 AM Flag

    Still baffled....what do we really have?

    P/E of ONE?
    Book Value that INCREASED to almost $1 a share?
    Revenue growth of almost 20%?

    Cash balance down from $4 to $1 million. And the need to raise cash to fund a purchase that may or may not get approval or ever paid back? A black hole?

    Anyone care to guess? I have no idea what this company is worth. IF they get their act should be a $1 to $2 company.

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    • all that plus 10 or 11 mil. from new drug purchased earlier this year. added more today only a matter of time.....

    • Agreed Alan. I'm done posting.

      Same boat. I was going to sell if the report just sucked...but it gave me just enough hope to hold on.

      My sell is in at .90 or 3x earnings.


    • Wxman:

      You have very legitimate concerns and have stated them well. I raised much the same questions on the IV Board last evening. Overall I'm pleased with their report, but have very serious concerns about their overly ambitious (in my opinion) expansion plans. Given this uncertainty, and their absolutely horrible record of keeping stockholders in the loop, the worst conference calls of any stock I ever owned, and their funky organizational /internal loan structure I plan to hold my shares and hope for the best. I too am in this one at considerably higher prices and would be delighted to recoup some of my losses. If, as rumored, they obtain a new IR Firm, that may go a long ways in keeping stockholders better informed. I'm keeping both fingers and toes crossed.

    • Their ar issues ae the same as with all Chinese Pharma co's.
      Not true.

      CPHI would kill to have the ar management that LTUS has demonstrated, that have allowed them to PAY CASH for the land AND for a new drug whose revenues are damn near as much as the LTUS market cap. Call me a "CHEERLEADER", but those are FACTS, not hype.

    • Their ar issues ae the same as with all Chinese Pharma co's. But they do ONE thing and stick to it. Drugs. That makes it a LOT easier to decipher what the heck they are doing.
      No land issues, or drug stores , or contractual companies.
      They also have a P/E of 3, which if LTUS had, it would be back up near $1, and not at .30.

    • CPHI has ar issues that make me wonder if their "revenue" is even real. ChinaBio Today has also warned of that possibility.

      Also, CPHI made $6.5M from operating activities, compared to LTUS' $37M, which is why perhaps LTUS is able to undertake a big expansion and CPHI is not.

      Something to think about.

    • Knew the "structure", BUT when I bought, they hadn't invested (???) $32 million in that property in Mongolia. That was a subsequent event that was WAY out of their league (IMHO), and as the previous poster mentioned...they have a lot of obligations coming due from it.
      Just think they bit off a LOT more than they could chew.

      And sorry for not being a "cheerleader". Just posting facts that you guys want to ignore. If a board like this was ONLY to exist for the purpose of getting others to invest in a company and then selling your stock to them, they would be totally useless.

      This is a debate on LTUS that needs to be had. I also own CPHI which is a LOT better run company with a lot fewer questions.

    • They have the land they can use for collateralized debt obligation for a bank loan, or sell/lease the more than 2/3 of it they won't be using. The WORST case scenerio is that there will be some dilution to pay for their ambitious expansion. LTUS is thinking and planning BIG. Maybe too big for some, but I like it frankly.
      And yes, I'll be adding to my shares today on this report.

    • With this type of growth and being connected should overshadow the issues you have mentioned. I thought this could have been a scam but no longer feel this way. In fact I will add all I can under .30 and look for that elusive 5-10 bagger within a year. Healthcare and presciption should be a recipe for success especially with well over 1.3 billion people. This is a well caluculated gamble that i am willing to take under.30 as the growth alone should effectively deal with the problems you have outlined. GLTA

    • Also, revenue growth was not "almost 20%".

      It was closer to 30%. (56.8M x .30 = 73.8M)

      I don't think for a New York minute that LTUS management would have bought rights to the land and begun this big expansion if they did not believe that they would get the required approvals from the government, and that they would be able to fund the expansion from a combinatin of cash flow, sale/rental of unused parts of the land, and steped-up ar collections.

      This report tells me they not only CAN "git 'er done", they are on their way to doing it.

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      • I stand corrected on my math. It's all "good" on paper. If this was a US company, it would be over $2 or $3 already.

        But it's not. Read my other post...I just cut and pasted from the 10k. I understand your side, and I'm long 60,000 shares...but I'm crapping in my pants when I read the BS. It's there in black and white, so no one can say they didn't warn us.

        I'm with you...I'd love to see a turnaround. If that was the case, this would rocket in a hurry...

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