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  • sirola1 sirola1 Oct 8, 2010 2:09 PM Flag

    It's about time

    Hey Cburgs, I bought at $1.80 and thought it was good price then. I never thought this stock would go below 3 PE, never cross my mind. For those who want to add more you might want to consider doing so now. Not likely this stock going below $1 again.

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    • The problem was an utterly abandoned and actually an actively MALIGNED sector (the nasty shortsellers doing their evil work), combined with no IR for LTUS.

      Now that big money is quite evidently doing a big sector rotation back into China smallcaps (and microcaps), and LTUS has a new IR firm, this one should fly.

      I'm with you that, if there were justice in the market, this one never should have been below 1.80, not to mention plunge below its old 1.30 support level, not to mention fall below 1.00. Just ridiculous!! But wow, wonderful to now have an avg buy price of 1.03.

      I'm holding onto the a high percentage of these shares til at least $3-4 range. And i do believe this could easily go to $5 by late 2011. It should already be at $2 YESTERDAY.

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      • sir, yes, it is good advice to add along as the ask is being taken out repeatedly, which appears to be the case.
        insider or mm or large block from .90's buyer holding this back.
        but as said by wise poster on this board
        EVERYTHING in our favor.
        lph hitting the 2.60 wall.
        wall at 1.16 hear.
        if this interest in small caps real and not a handfull of exuberant folks like us, then green light to add...
        be watching for follow through.