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  • socalinvestor50 socalinvestor50 Dec 13, 2010 4:10 PM Flag

    Hey Guild, price of stock in 3 years?

    Do you think this will be a 10x bagger by Dec. of 2013?

    Need to have an honest opinion, I'm one of the unlucky bastards that bought at the top last spring.

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    • Did I talk to you? You are such a A_S_S_H_O_L_E...

    • Hi Value1008,

      what do you think WKBT vs LTUS? Looks like WKBT is a better buy from every angle than LTUS, agree?

    • What about getting a dual-listing, would that help? Say, get listed on the Shanghai stock market. Not sure if they (china) would allow dual listings.

    • It is true, The Chinese can only buy stocks listed on the Shanghai and Hong Kong Exchanges and because of this valuations are through the roof.

      This restriction is also main reason real estate bubbles are occuring all over China. Entire cities are being built on spec because the Chinese need some place to park their huge cash stockpiles.


    • Probably not a 10 bagger by 2013.

      Earnings are projected to be 80 cents by then. LTUS would have to be valued at 14 times earnings, or growth would have to be more than the projected 25% per year. (Both possible)

      I would guess LTUS should achieve a PE of 6 to 8 by then, resulting in a valuation of 5 to 6.50 dollars a share.

      If I had to take a stab put my finger on a date when the stock reaches $11 I would say mid 2015.


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      • Guildcrantz, i like your sense of "moderation" here. What's curious, though, is the psychology of the market, and how one or more big positive news announcements can create momentum buying. If LTUS uplisted by next year--most likely also involving a reverse split to a price where institutions could begin buying for clients-- and then big news came out about the completion of the new plant, and mgmt gave significantly upped guidance for revs & income (not to mention news of the sale/transfer of the Inner Mongolia property), LTUS could zoom up to a P/E of at least 8 or 10 on such cascading "good news."

        I.e., one might see it go to $4/share (pre-split price).

        Stranger things have happened. Look at BFAR earlier this year-- went from 0.95 to 1.35, then exploded up to 6.00 in about 2 weeks, before correcting down to 4.00 for several months then fading to just above 3.00 at present.

        Folks like Glen Bradford, Maj Soueidan and Zack Buckley of like LTUS and could tout it there and at SeekingAlpha and Maj's GeoInvesting site and the stock could take off on such coverage, not to mention whatever RedChip does to tout LTUS to a wider audience of investors....

        Just saying....

        The market behaves in woefully and wonderfully strange ways sometimes.