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  • atthebellid atthebellid Oct 1, 2008 10:24 AM Flag

    Hey SONIC, don't you love that debt vs treasury stock

    just keep giving options that are exercised at $4 to insiders which they inturn will imediately sell...

    and SONIC, then you go take on debt to repurchase as treasury stock, to keep the EPS fron falling....

    your getting real close to having the tangible value down to ........ZERO

    you guys think you can act as reckless as the big won't get a bail-out

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    • you are a punk... this company is on it's way to being a national brand... yes the debt it a bit high... but as a growth stock, despite the present malaise of the market... this one is a holder and you are just some un-American jack ball.. Hoping that the entire country takes a big hit for a long time. (aka, short idiot)

      Go ahead and dis the entire idea of products and companies doing the build out thing if you want to, but do so at your own peril if you are actually short. (You might just be a litle freak that got fired because you can't do simple math.... Who knows?)

      Clearly Sonic is on a growth track...I'm hanging with my large position for a real pay off.... Americans will keep doing what they do and Sonic will keep selling burgers, fries and drinks.... This one is a non-issue in terms of a business model... short away... it will be a great feeling for me, when you scream and cover.

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      • My oversight....not almost ZERO tangible value, but actually NEGATIVE book value, let alone DOUBLE that NEGATIVE if you look at tangible value

        growth stock....who are you talking to...this is not tech....this is not drug....this is hamburgers....and all growth is contingent on CREDIT...ring a bell

        you disgust me, but back to point...was good company until officers/directors leveraged it to death

      • where did you address and deny one issue I stated........Sonic was a good company, until the directors & officers made the company their own little bank by issue of almost free options (almost immediatley sold), and then to offset decrease EPS, bought back as treasury stock by borrowing i.e.; massive debt...and close to ZERO tangible book value

        I guess your the blind investor (or company shill)...question? Isn't it a great time to be 100% leveraged.

        And thank you for bumping this post

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