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  • brntsystm brntsystm May 18, 2009 5:47 PM Flag


    sonic has been expanding into my state(Michigan)after a heavy ad campaign. the stores I see are allways packed all the time! I thought that maybey its just a fad or everybody just trying it out but the commotion hasnt died down yet after a few months

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    • OMG! Ya'll don't have that many Sonic's up north? Sonic's are everywhere down here in Texas. I guess that is why McDonald's stock is better than Sonic. More people are familiar with MDs. I'm sure Sonic will grow more up north now that it has expanded up there. The company started in 1959!

    • they just opened 2 stores in NJ near us and they are packed.

      anyone have info on the expansion plans?

    • where are you located, I'm opening three stores in the Detroit area.

      Troy, Royal oak and another.

      I've been to 3 opening for my training where we had lines down the street, 20k day.

      No matter I like SON?C at this price.

    • From what I know, Sonic has been slow to expand northward because of the climate. I worked there for 4 years and know that Sonic can bring in more customers that just about any other 'fast food' chain out there based on the drive-thru model they use. Single day sales in our location was averaging about $6000 a day with around 20-22% profit after food costs, payroll, etc. I heard they went up there - I really believe that the expansion will produce big time in the future. Seems to me that Sonic is one of the few growth fast-food restaurants out there with A LOT of room to expand - at leats much more so that ubiquitous BKs and McDs. I hope you are enjoying Sonic up there, it's an Oklahoma staple about more prevalent than McDonald's down here!

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      • Lonestar , Im in AR We have Sonic's every
        where here ,Every small town has one ,
        We even have a small town near us less than 500
        people ,stays packed , They have started
        building some here , With the usual car hop
        drive in , but they also have an inside
        restraunt you can walk in Sit down push a
        button, order from your table , and they bring
        it to you, or eat outside on tables under a
        patio roof ,So you have 3 eating choices
        at 1 restraunt ,in your car , outside table
        or inside ,Probally simillar to what
        they will put in up north , We have some
        area's now with more sonic's than Mc Donalds

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