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  • indexit indexit Jun 19, 2009 10:44 PM Flag

    Very Bad Sonic experience

    Went to the drive thru at Sonic in Santa Fe tonight. Waited about 5 minutes at the talk box and every minute or so would go is anyone there? My two young children are getting impatient and someone finally responds. When I pay I ask couldn't you hear me. And I get a no and I say I was there for about 5 minutes trying to get your attention. No apology, ne response. Take the order, go to a park, realize a few items are missing. Drive back and go inside to get the items. Again no apology. The assistant manager says something to me and I say I am sorry I could not hear you (I was hoping she has said sorry for the inconvenience ). She walks away without telling me what she said and says says you have to go. I say several mistakes where made with my order and you say I have to go? I said that's rude. She then says have a nice day goodbye. I say you make a few mistakes and this is your attitude? Once again have a nice day goodbye (both times in a very condescending manner). All this in front of my kids.
    Go to my car and I am pissed off and I go back and ask for her to write down her to please write her name and the number of the corporate HQ. She does give me her name (If it's real) and says they can not give out the corporate HQ phone number (that's not true, she may not have known it but she could obviously give it out). I leave by saying I am sorry for your attitude. Once again, go, have a nice day, good bye (twice actually). As I leave she and the staff are laughing at me.
    I was calm, never raised my voice, never used foul language, and said please and thank you several times. Except for calling her rude (which she was) never said anything provocative.
    I will call the corporate HQ when open and tell them of my experience.
    I do not know why this employee was so inappropriate, I do know I will never go to sonic again.

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    • just because you push the button does not
      mean they can hear you , They answer when they
      get to your # or in the order the buttons
      were pushed , You go in Mc Donalds do you
      wait in line if there is one? or go right
      to the front of the line and order?
      same thing

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      • No button at the drive through.
        It's obvious to me that this particular shift or possibly this particular Sonic is probably not well managed. I told the story to one friend and he asked was it the one on St Micheals Drive (I think there are 3 in Santa Fe), I said yes and he said they have the worst service he has ever seen.
        I did talk to corporate and they were fine and receptive, would investigate, and said what happened was inexcusable and apologised.
        In life I think most of us have a few bad experiences when someone for whatever reasons is unreasonable, hostile and or rude when we are simply trying reasonably to get what are supposed to.
        This well is probably an isolated experience, and as stated the corporate response was good. Sounds like others have had good service.
        If by chance other complaints over service start to appear (which I doubt) do take notice, it can be a sign of structural problems.

    • Sounds to me that Sonic was extremely busy. What does that say about the future earnings? Bad experience's happen all the time at different establishments, the attitude of the employee was unapropriate, could have ben a bad day or even over worked. The Sonic here in MI. is Great! and always packed, even with our horrable economy

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